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Some might say the grass is always greener on the other side but is that really the case?  

Our boards and managers can weigh in! Listen to our 20-minute discussion about optimizing 4 key tools for responsive communication!

Watch this short video to hear from board member/manager partnerships that know the secret to responsive communication.


From Luke Killen, Board President - Santa Fe Trails:

What’s your approach to communicating with your manager?

We have weekly calls to review the association’s standing, communicate through text to quickly resolve small issues and loop other board members in about larger projects to make sure we’re on the same page.

Is it important to have a responsive strategy to handle resident needs?

Yes. We maintain an open line of communication, and there’s the expectation that when I communicate with the manager, I’ll get a response within the hour.

Do those expectations align with other board members and residents?

We’re extremely responsive with the board, and if we get an email from a homeowner, we send a quick response acknowledging the issue and forward the email to our community manager. Most residents just want to be heard.

What advice do you have for other board members when it comes to responsive communication?

It’s important for board to have a comfortable means of communication for residents and the manager. While everyone has a preference, it’s important to accommodate them to encourage constant communication.


From Michele Colvin, Community Manager - Santa Fe Trails:

How does your role play a part in resident communications?

It’s all about having a sense of urgency and being responsive as things come in on a daily basis.

What news are homeowners most interested in?

It depends on the time of year. Last year it was all about COVID and when amenities would reopen. Other times, residents have questions about financials or violations.

What channels or tools do you use to facilitate consistent outreach?

I personally use email, but for our community, we use the mass communications tool in Connect, quarterly newsletters and direct mail once or twice a year to make sure every homeowner stays informed.

What advice do you have for other community managers when it comes to responsive communication?

Continue building good relationships with residents and board members that involves communication and acknowledges their preferences. When it comes to residents, keep an eye on community forums, listen to any feedback you get and respond appropriately.


From Wendy Scaggs, Treasurer - Crawford Farms HOA

Why is it important that communication and finances work together?

Living in an association is sort of like owning a home business, so we speak to residents about our budget, projections, reserve studies and fiscal health. It’s critical that we share this information through Connect and remind homeowners that this resource is available and updated constantly. Keeping residents informed is the best way to level set everyone’s expectations.

What one piece of advice do you have for other board members on how to extend their responsive communications strategy?

Develop and foster relationships with management, residents and your community to make room for a balanced dialogue. Without those relationships, it’s hard to bridge gaps, identify pain points and meet each other in the middle. 

From Brandy Adams, Community Manager - Crawford Farms HOA:

Why should managers be responsive to boards and residents?

It’s vital for building and maintaining long partnerships. Being responsive means identifying those pain points, planning a strategy through the conflict and building a reputation of trust and consistency. By doing this, you’re showing the community that you genuinely care about their well-being.

Since COVID, how has your approach to responsive communication changed?

They changed immediately after lockdown. I noticed that many people were under tremendous stress, so we changed our tone to be more upbeat and informative. We also added softer and more emphatic language in every compliance notice.

What is your best advice for board members seeking better responsiveness from their manager? 

First, you have to ask yourself ‘Do our internal and external partners know of our expectations?’. I can’t see how anyone could meet or exceed expectations if they’re not clearly defined. Once the expectations are known and an associate misses the mark, we have an opportunity to make it right.  Another tool we use are strategic planning workshops between client management to define what’s working, what isn’t working and our short- and long-term goals.

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Wednesday February 24, 2021