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Today, high-rise living is attracting a broad range of residents, from millennials to empty nesters, all seeking convenience and luxury in an urban setting. Although they have a common drive to discover this newer metropolitan lifestyle, these very different households have a variety of needs and wants. This means that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for defining what desirable amenities look like. In fact, properties must continuously adapt and update their offerings to stay competitive in their community.
Several decades ago, card rooms for bridge and bunco tournaments were a must-have, and business centers that provided much-coveted access to the internet were the hot new thing. Now these spaces are being converted to coffee bars, yoga studios and media lounges to meet the evolving needs of residents.
To keep your high-rise community at the top of its game, it’s important to stay abreast of the newest trends. Here are just a few updates your association may want to consider implementing to keep your amenities and lifestyle programming desirable to current and future residents.
Outside vendors for added convenience
If you have unused or wasted space in your lobby, consider filling it with something functional or bringing in some outside services. A simple update could create a space for dry cleaning or package drop-off and pick-up. With more residents shopping online, an additional area for package storage may be a plus. As another convenience, unused space can be converted into a quick-stop café that offers coffee, sodas and simple, healthy prepackaged meals. Residents will love grabbing a coffee or smoothie in the morning and a quick dinner on the way home, all from the lobby of their building.
Lifestyle spaces and clubs
Although the urban lifestyle tends to be more fast-paced and hectic, residents still have a need to slow down and connect with others. Make sure your community offers the opportunity to engage resident interests. Consider redecorating a common area into a livable and inviting e-lounge where residents will want to relax and hang out, watch TV or surf the web. You may even want to consider adding a gaming area for playing pool or a space for virtual golf to help residents perfect their golf swing. And if your property caters to families with children, a separate playroom for the youngsters in the building might be a win.
In addition to providing specialized spaces, some communities are providing actual classrooms for residents to engage in a hobby. Interests like painting, photography, cooking or wine tasting are an easy start and don’t require much room. To keep it fun, extend the learning beyond the property by inviting a local restaurant or wine bar to come to your building for a demonstration or to sponsor some of your events.
Fitness and healthy living options
Most buildings offer a workout space of some type. However, today’s fitness options should extend beyond the typical treadmill and elliptical machines. Without much effort, you can offer your residents something more top notch. A simple fix might be expanding the equipment offering to include virtual treadmills that allow residents to escape the reality of the everyday with a run through the woods or along the seashore. If possible, open up your workout area to include spaces for yoga and Pilates. For an added bonus, consider giving residents a well-rounded fitness program by partnering with a local gym to provide personal training services.
Once the workout is done it’s time to de-stress. Make your space rival the best fitness centers by installing a steam room or sauna. There are stand-alone options available that won’t require remodeling. Of course, nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa. Give residents the full five-star treatment by offering full spa services that include massage, facials, pedicures and more. 
Outdoor luxury
Most newer properties feature resort-style swimming pools and enhanced onsite niceties like poolside snack service and juice bars during peak pool hours. Have a more established property? No problem. You can easily update your outdoor area by purchasing new furniture or cushions for a fresh look. Installing cabanas can also allow residents to enjoy the pool area and stay cool in the shade. For a finer touch, offer towel service. Be sure to include your community logo or monogram on towels or water bottles to provide a little extra branding.
Outdoor living is a coveted feature for most urban dwellers. Gathering spaces that allow residents to enjoy fair weather and that provide opportunities to entertain are a must. Grilling stations and tables for outdoor barbecues, along with fire pit lounges, provide the perfect setting to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.
No room in your pool area to add these features?  Consider a rooftop retreat. If residents have easy access, this might make a great additional outdoor living space. Top properties are installing meditation gardens, offering outdoor group yoga classes or building pet parks for furry family members.
World-class service
One amenity that you may underestimate, or overlook entirely, is the power of good service. Staff that is properly trained to deliver an exceptional experience can make a bigger impact on resident lifestyle than the chicest of property spaces. In fact, resident satisfaction is the most essential element of a successful high-rise community.
A good property management company will implement proven proprietary training programs to teach the staff to uncover the needs, likes and dislikes of residents in order to deliver a positive living experience. Your high-rise staff should also be well versed in the local area and be prepared to offer concierge-quality services with recommendations and bookings for restaurants, entertainment and other luxury activities. After all, one of the main benefits of urban living is to have the best of everything close to home.

Keep your current residents engaged and attract future buyers by staying on top of your building amenities. Learn more about the latest trends and how your property can obtain lasting relevance in today’s competitive high-rise marketplace. Contact FirstService Residential, the leading property management company in Texas.



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Friday January 13, 2017