Condominium Lifestyle and Amenity Trends: Maintaining an Edge in a Competitive Market

Urban living has been trending upward since the mid-1990s when the revitalization of downtown areas began to take hold.  Today, the live-work-play concept is driving more residents to seek out condominium living.  In fact, Dallas and Austin are two of the top 10 US cities considered to be 18-hour markets —a mix of shops, restaurants and entertainment that generate excitement deep into the evening, and are attracting new urban buyers.1   

Whether you live in a luxury loft renovated from a historic or vacant office building, or a newish condominium property built at the beginning of the boom, it can be a challenge to keep up with the newer buildings on the block.  To maintain property values, you must not only have stellar curb-appeal but also possess the right amenities and lifestyle engagement to attract both current and potential residents alike.  

Consider:  What can your condominium property do to stay competitive and relevant in today's market? 

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