Serving on a homeowners or condominium association’s board of directors is not an easy task. You are making decisions that impact your community and neighbors. So what makes one board more effective than another? The Cooperator Chicagoland recently interviewed FirstService Residential Illinois President Asa Sherwood to find out the secret behind some of the Chicago area’s most successful associations. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Asa Sherwood, president of FirstService Residential Illinois, characterizes a successful, functional board as one that is professional, having timed agendas and a plan in place for every board and resident meeting. 

“It starts with the mindset of having board members interested in running the association like a business,” he says. “If not, it’s hard for them to get going down the right path. Oftentimes, board meetings get sidetracked because there isn’t strong leadership, the agenda is not set correctly, and the board is fighting for three hours. That shouldn’t happen.”

Board members don't have to agree—but they should respect each other’s' differences and work toward the benefit of the whole community.

“What we’re seeing in Chicago is a respect for each other’s roles,” Sherwood says. “Whether it’s board member to board member or board to resident, or even board to management. What we have found with the very successful boards is that people understand how much time the boards are putting into the association.”

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Serving on a board can be challenging. But with the right plan, defined roles, a strong leader, transparency and engaged residents, it can also be very rewarding and successful. Learn how partnering with the right property management company can provide the support your condominium or community association needs to be effective in enhancing property values and quality of life for residents. Contact FirstService Residential, Chicagoland’s leading residential property management company.
Monday January 02, 2017