SellingYourHome.jpgSelling your home? Let the projects begin! From the interior of your home to its curb appeal, there are a ton of preparations involved to enhance its appeal and help it find a proud new owner. It’s common knowledge that “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Well now is a prime time to make that first impression a lasting one.
Making your home look its best to appeal to homebuyers is a crucial part of selling it. This process can certainly be challenging, so having a game plan is invaluable. Before you begin, contact your association board or property management company to ensure your big – or even small – project plans don’t violate any community regulations. Here are a few tips that will help you add appeal and value to your home.

Concentrate on Curb Appeal

The first thing people notice is the exterior of your home. Some minor effort on your part can really go the distance!  Does your paint look fresh? If there are areas that are dirty or peeling away, clean and fix them up. Keep your lawn trimmed of weeds and well maintained. A good pressure cleaning will also give your home a renewed look. The goal is for your home to be attractive. These are easily overlooked details, but now is the time to address them. How does your mailbox look? Could it use a new coat of paint? Door your garage door appear aged? Investing a little bit of money to update it is a nice complement to a welcoming entryway. The initial impression made on a potential buyer oftentimes helps them decide whether or not they want to go beyond the front door.

It’s All in the Staging

Potential homebuyers may drive past your home or even see photos of it online before they ever ring your doorbell.  Help create the perfect image of a well-kept home free of clutter and ready to fill with joyous memories in a potential homebuyer’s mind.

Pay Attention to Details

You can easily enhance the appearance of your home by adding a few accessories here and there. Think of it this way; when we get dressed up for an event, adding a few accessories complete your outfit and make you appear put together. The same goes for your home. Sprucing up your entranceway with updated lighting and shining rails are easy and low-cost improvements that make an impact. Tasteful additions such as updated hardware and window treatments will also create added elements of cleanliness. Displaying plants and flowers set a comforting tone and create and inviting living space. 

Eliminate Clutter

A huge red flag for buyers is the presence of clutter. Both the interior and exterior of your home should stay clean and tidy. Keep your lawn maintained and healthy.  It looks best when the grass is green, trimmed and free of weeds. Store all ladders and equipment out of sight, and don’t leave things randomly lying around. 
You should apply the clutter-free rule to the inside of your home as well. Take this opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. Eliminate all items that are not necessary and make you home as open and inviting as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to start throwing everything away. You can choose to store certain items and donate others. There are various organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans of America and Faith Farm that will pick up donations. You could even rearrange the rest of your furniture if you find that you have more room to do so. By clearing up as much space as possible in your home, potential buyers will be able to better envision making the space their own.

Simple Steps to Refresh Your Home’s Interiors

Creating an upgraded and new feel to your house is easier to accomplish than you may think. Putting in a little extra work on a few nights or weekends can really add value to the selling price of your home. An easy way to produce a more open feel to a space is by pulling furniture toward the middle of the room and away from the walls. If you have larger items, considering storing them away during this process and create some extra space. Can you recall the last time you updated your floors? If you can’t, it’s probably a good time to consider doing so! Remove that old wallpaper that’s peeling away or looks stale and apply a fresh coat of paint.
Changing out your old carpet is always a great option. If that option is too costly, a good steam cleaning goes a long way. If you have hardwood floors, refinishing the surface will add a clean and fresh appearance. Applying grout paint is an inexpensive option to spruce up dated and dingy tiles, and it won’t be as costly as regrouting the entire area.

Get Rid of Odors

Lingering odors are intolerable. Be aware of any foul smells that may drive potential buyers from wanting to thoroughly see your home, and eliminate them post haste!  A good cleaning includes wiping down all the surfaces, vacuuming the carpets, and sweeping the tiles and hardwood floors. If you have rugs or carpets that are soiled because of spilled food or pets, it’s time to get rid of them. You can also spray a deodorizer on the carpet prior to vacuuming to add a fresh scent. Other simple tricks are baking cookies, brewing a pot of coffee and lighting a few candles. These elements add a cozy and welcoming feel to make any buyer feel like they’re already “home.”
Yes, preparing to sell your home requires some elbow grease. But your efforts will speak for themselves once the house is sold!  For much more proven advice on ways to prepare your home for sale, contact FirstService Residential, the leading property management company in North America.
Thursday November 19, 2015