Data analysis and reporting: Understanding energy consumption in buildings

It is essential to understand how your building’s energy consumption may affect your association’s bottom line.  That is the first step to identify areas for financial and environmental improvement. With complex building systems and multiple operating bills, tracking it all can be challenging. Our team is here to help analyze your energy data and come up with an energy plan.  


Our solutions:

Utilizing the most efficient data collection and processing methods available, we organize your community’s data so it’s both informative and actionable.  Audits are in place throughout the data collection process with accuracy in mind. Not all methods of obtaining data are equal, and we continually work to build better processes and solutions.
Our data analysis and reporting services are designed to fully assess your property’s energy history and potential. That includes onsite mechanical system diagnostics, historical energy usage analysis, weather normalization, building typology analysis, and rates modeling. Analyzing this range of data allows us to identify new opportunities for energy efficiency in your building, provide accurate energy cost projections, develop building-wide energy plans, and target specific energy projects for maximum savings. 

Below, we showcase how analyzing specific property items assists our teams in generating an efficient energy plan for your building: 
Areas Analyzed  Outcomes 
Historical energy use  Provide accurate energy cost projections 
Weather normalization  Develop building-wide energy plans 
Building typology collection  Target projects that provide maximum savings 
Rates modeling  Planning insights 
FirstService Energy can help your building identify and recapture overpayments to utility companies. Our auditing team will comprehensively review electric, gas, steam, and oil invoices to identify consumption and billing anomalies. Our experts are skilled in identifying clerical errors, duplicate billings, erroneous meter readings, improper classifications, inaccurate usage estimates, defective meters, and other overcharges. 
These charges may not be obvious and can continue to add up over months or even years. We aim to help you secure proper compensation through refunds, credits, or future savings for your building. Refunds can be substantial, as some of our recoveries can reach well into six figures. 
FirstService Energy customers have access to a live dashboard, displaying their building’s energy and water consumption. The dashboard provides visual information of both historical and current building data such as potential savings and ENERGY STAR scores. 

Our dashboard also allows boards to see how far they have come as a result of their efficiency efforts, both financially and environmentally. Knowledge is power, and when you understand your community’s usage you can confidently make the important decisions backed by data. 

Custom energy report cards

Knowledge is power, and to help our boards and managers make informed decisions about energy usage, our analysts perform utility benchmarking against best practices and local regulations. Our experts use this data to produce custom energy report cards that illustrate a building’s historic energy consumption and benchmarking comparison.  

These insights allow boards to prepare their operating and capital improvement budgets to include necessary compliance updates, as well as organize community improvements. 

Understanding and tracking your building’s historic and future consumption can be a complex process, especially when you have multiple sets of data to consider. Our analysts are experts in making sense of your building systems and turning the numbers into actionable items. Connect with a member of our team today to learn how we can assess your building and set you up for success. 

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