Full-Service High-Rise Property Management Services

With their dramatic views, desirable amenities and convenient locations near business and entertainment centers, Tennessee’s beautiful high-rise communities are becoming more popular with homeowners throughout the state.

But successfully managing high-rise buildings requires specialized experience and operational knowledge. FirstService Residential Tennessee offers this expertise, along with a track record of managing high-rise properties that continues to enhance the property values, curb appeal and quality of life for their residents.  

Local Experts Deliver Tailored Services for your High- Rise Building

We begin by putting the right people in place – local experts with the best skills and knowledge to meet your building’s needs. Our customer-focused associates scale our full-service property management services to your unique requirements, while always maintaining your building’s distinctive lifestyle. We also implement our proven preventive maintenance programs to increase the longevity and cost-efficiency of your building’s systems and equipment. And you can be sure that we deliver all of our programs with attentive service for your homeowners, residents and Board members.  

Here are some of the high-rise property management services we offer:

  • Maintaining common areas
  • Performing frequent property inspections to ensure compliance
  • Coordinating all routine maintenance and repairs
  • Training, developing and supervising on-site personnel
  • Preparing bid specifications
  • Monitoring vendors and contractor performance
  • Enforcing CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations
  • Obtaining insurance and overseeing claims processing
  • Creating custom Emergency & Asset Manuals
  • Managing amenity and reservation systems

Our managed high-rise communities reap additional benefits through our value-added services, including financial and accounting services, cutting-edge technology and a 24/7 Customer Care Center.  We also provide ongoing training for Board members and our management teams to enhance their knowledge and performance. And because we are part of the FirstService Residential family, we can share in our organization’s combined buying power to increase quality and lower costs for your community’s everyday services, such as trash removal, insurance and cable.

Contact us to learn more about how FirstService Residential Tennessee can significantly benefit your high-rise building.

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