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Project Management – From Concept to Completion

FirstService Project ManagementWe're happy to announce three new service offerings:

  • Project Management
  • Insurance Claims
  • Strategic Planning

Exclusive to FirstService Residential managed associations, our specialized team manages projects from pre-construction assessment to completion with all points in between. Through efficient project planning and resource management, we lessen the burden for board members and make every aspect of your project seamless, affordable, and successful.

How it Works

Initial Project Analysis

Our FirstService Project Management team always begins with an Initial Project Analysis (IPA), which is a critical first step necessary to determine the best course of action for any project. This free service is part of our Project Management proposal. The IPA process can be done rather quickly or may lead to more comprehensive assessment and analysis. We use a basic 3-step process that typically takes us one-two weeks to complete our analysis and final report. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we may require a preliminary meeting with the FirstService management team, board of directors and/or board appointed representative(s) to better understand the project and develop a plan.

IPA 3-Step Process

Step 1 – Is to be curious and ask key questions up front to better understand what the board and community are wanting to achieve or accomplish.

Step 2 – We then analyze existing project information, documents, and/or conditions of the project site to properly define the scope of work, timing, and potential project phasing.

Step 3 – Finally, we try to determine if you have the right team already assembled or do we need to introduce additional vendors, contractors or include professionals, such as engineer or architect.

What our Customers are Saying 

3 Projects – Totaling $1.6 Million
“I just wanted to say that you have done an UNBELIEVABLE “over the top” job on this project from start to finish!!! I don’t know of any way you could have improved your coordination and cost savings you have achieved. I know how difficult this type of project work is… and I am in awe of your achievement.” – Don J.

Alameda Tower Condo Exterior Renovation $5M
“The FirstService Project Management team is not only lending their expertise, experience and relationships, just as importantly, they are helping us stay on point by managing the process in the most efficient way possible.” – Owen B.

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