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With your community association, you want a feeling of community to be at the top of your list. We, as humans, want to be social and part of a group. This is usually highlighted in how long a resident stays in their condo. While there may be other factors, a person who stays one year versus twenty years can be extremely telling when you want to know how much they felt valued as part of the condo community.
A community involves individuals who have the same goal or similar interests, and oftentimes that is what makes people join a board. In regards to the condo association, the most important part of what makes a community are the underlying core values and goals, even when they are not said out loud.
Here is a checklist that can help you look for ways to improve your condo community:
1. Having your community association run smoothly shows that you want to invest time and energy into making your residents quality of living the best it can be.
2. Communicating openly with your residents in the name of transparency creates a mutual relationship of honesty and respect. Allow your residents to speak and suggest improvements on community matters.
3. Bring life to your condo with events and lifestyle programs so that neighbors can interact with each other even if they live on different floors.
4. Encouraging residents to volunteer is a great way to make them feel included and that their opinion would be valued if they were a part of a committee or board.
5. Be proud of the association and community you are running. Point this out to prospective residents so they get a sense of what condo association they’ll be joining.
6. Never get complacent with helping your community. The sky’s the limit when you are part of a fantastic community.
Getting the board’s help can also be extremely helpful, so ensure it is as healthy and effective as it can be. A close-knit community in which neighbors care about each other can provide a great deal of emotional satisfaction and enhance the quality of life for your residents.
What is your condo board's plan for building a greater sense of community for your community association
Monday July 20, 2020