Scaling Services for a Building's Success

Posted on Thursday January 27, 2022

As a community’s needs shift, FirstService Residential can scale up services to meet current staffing and project needs.

The Association

FirstService Residential began management of The Constellation in 2017 in a portfolio property manager arrangement. The portfolio manager handled association business five hours each week, provided two reports to the Board each month and ran four Board meetings per year. As the Regional Director and Vice President of Operations reviewed the range of the portfolio manager’s duties, and compared the services to properties of similar size, quality, and staffing, it was clear that the community’s needs had shifted.

Portfolio Management works exceptionally well when the community does not need a manager on site regularly, and the business of the association does not require monthly meetings and multiple visits each week. However, The Constellation employs three door staff, two full-time engineers and 24-hour parking staff in the attached garage. The association also has project committees and events like an annual holiday celebration that could be coordinated more effectively with a higher level of oversight

The Solution

The Board of Directors at The Constellation reached an agreement with FirstService Residential for an expanded level of service at their October 2021 Board meeting. The enhanced service level includes the following support:

» Part-time onsite management at 20 hours per week,
» Weekly management reports to the Board, » Eleven Board meetings per year, and
» Multiple site walk visits per week.

This improvement in property manager involvement came at a crucial time, since the Board is planning an extensive capital project for the building. In Spring 2022, the community will begin a new addition at ground level to build a fitness center and office space. These improvements, with property manager oversight, will add to all residents’ enjoyment of their community and will raise property values for the building.

The Results

“After only two or three meetings on site with the Board members, I could see a huge shift in their stress level as I took over their building concerns and projects. There is an ease to the energy in our meetings now.” - Lisa Malishkevich, Property Manager