Savings Through Equipment Modernization

Posted on Thursday October 15, 2020

The Solution

For the cooling tower replacement, they began planning in October 2019 for an install in March 2020. Kesler found that being the first building in line for the project in 2020 gave his board a discount on the price. Hayes Mechanical began the project with an orientation meeting giving the 10,000-foot view of the process. At the second meeting, they went into further detail on the process to lift the equipment and how the closedown and vacating process would happen. A week or two before the installation date, the company followed up on the progress of resident and tenant notifications, went over the project checklist and did a final walkthrough.

The Results

At 100 E. Huron, Kesler’s reserve study planned a cost of $528k, but Hayes Mechanical’s winning bid came in at $358k. They were able to use the rest of the budgeted amount to include upgrades, including a variable frequency drive well. As the mechanical contractor, Hayes sourced the subcontractors, piping, mechanical equipment and materials. The project was handled so smoothly that the residents were hardly impacted - the hallmark of a well-run chiller project.
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