What qualifications and skills should your association seek in a property manager? What does a great manager do differently to be successful in the residential property management industry? Top Agent Magazine recently interviewed FirstService Residential’s Daniel Valdes to discover what has helped him become a leader in the industry and beloved by his managed properties. Below is an excerpt from the article:

[Daniel] now supervises 10 mid-rise and high-rise properties for FirstService Residential, overseeing every aspect of the man­agement of condo associations: mechanical operations, energy benchmarking initiatives, overseeing staff, interacting with union representatives, budgetary concerns, and most important, communicating with residents. “Being able to communicate pro­actively rather than responding to issues after they’ve already happened is what we do well at FirstService Residential. Hav­ing the technology available to communicate to residents from a mobile device in real time, via email or phone, has been instru­mental to me, and our residents really appreciate the high-level of engagement.”

Read the full interview here.

For more information about how to get your association connected with a communicative, engaged property manager like Daniel, contact FirstService Residential, Chicagoland’s leading residential property management company.
Monday December 26, 2016