Originally built in 1968, Lake Point Tower, like any older building requires a commitment to properly maintaining and enhancing property assets over the lifespan of the community. The community's Board of Director's in the last decade has done just that with over 10 major renovations completed and underway. The community has remained an icon and competitive in a diverse market.

Dan Chalifoux, Lake Point Tower's Regional Director, is quoted: “The unique location of Lake Point Tower attracts a clientele that is looking for a high value quality of life experience. For me, the greatest satisfaction of managing Lake Point Tower has been participating in the execution and continual refinement of long term capital investment programs. The Association’s goals are to not only properly maintain the physical asset but to continually look for ways to refine the quality of life of its residents, keeping Lake Point Tower a leader in high-rise living. In my 20 + years of experience, I have learned it is paramount that we help our Board of Directors and owners define how they want their future to look. We are there to help make that future happen.”

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Article by condolifestyles.net/ | Monday September 29, 2014