As North America’s property management leader, we know that you want to continue to operate your community or building the best you can while keeping your residents and property safe. But it’s a new world for all of us and that includes legal matters. What legal issues should your board be aware of right now? What do you need to be thinking about?

Watch our webinar, the fifth episode of our COVID-19 series, to get answers to your most pressing questions about legal issues you should think about, including:
  • Can we legally require the 14-day self-quarantine mandate for those who’ve voluntarily advised they have contracted the virus? Can we enforce the quarantine if we see them violate it?
  • Can we require part-time residents from hot spots like New York to quarantine in their units for 14 days if they come here?
  • Does the law require us to relax late payment and collection policies for residents facing financial hardships?

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Webinar date: April 22, 2020