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At FirstService Residential, Georgia we are passionate about being the best at what we do. This commitment has made us the residential property management industry leader.  At every opportunity, we aim to deliver full-service programs and outstanding customer service that add unmatched value and make a difference, every day, for the residents and communities we serve.

FirstService Residential Georgia, Inc, Property Management, Alpharetta, GA

Strength in Numbers

Some of the key benefits that add value and set us apart are the resources and industry expertise of our organization, the leading residential property management company in North America.

Our team of more than 12,000 associates in the U.S. and Canada is comprised of the industry’s top talent. Many of our team members are thought leaders and local and industry experts who have pioneered numerous advances in residential property management, including how to operate and govern successful community associations that have become industry standards and remain unmatched in innovation, effectiveness and cost-efficiency.  By leveraging our associates’ collective experience, resources and best practices, we deliver personalized, professional community association management solutions tailored to your needs.

Unique Value-Added Services

As part of our commitment to provide outstanding service and increase the value we provide to our managed communities, we offer a variety of unique programs designed to enhance quality and service, while reducing costs.  Here are some of the value-added services we provide:

Exclusive financial and banking programs

As the industry leader, we manage more than 6,000 communities and are responsible for over $6 billion in operating budgets each year.  As a result, we can secure the highest yields on operating and reserve accounts to maximize your investments, reduce your risk and ensure your community has the proper insurance coverage at the best possible terms and rates. In addition, we can provide access to outstanding loan and financing opportunities that significantly reduce interest costs  for your association.  These optional services are available exclusively to our managed communities in North America, resulting in millions of dollars of savings and returns directly to the 1.6 million residential units we serve.

In just the first six months of 2013, we delivered the following results to our clients:

  • We saved clients over $3.5M savings in banking fees and costs, with an additional $2 million in interest yields
  • We co-brokered and bound over $98 million in insurance premiums for our clients, and helped them save an average 5.1% overall on premium renewals
  • We facilitated nearly $100 million in loans for our condo/co-op clients, achieving savings of nearly $600,000 through the use of our services

Innovative technology solutions

Our proprietary FirstService Residential Connect™ property management software is customized to your community,  streamlining communication and information flow, and enabling online management capabilities, for your Board members, residents and management team members.

Customer Care Center

As part of our commitment to providing responsive, genuinely helpful customer service, we offer a Customer Care Center with extended hours, where residents can call with questions and concerns. Each call is answered by one of our highly trained, service-focused specialists who continue to earn high customer satisfaction ratings for resolving issues during the very first call.

Combined Purchasing Power

Through our decades of experience managing thousands of properties of all types throughout the U.S. and Canada, we know what your community should be paying for third-party services like trash removal, insurance and cable.  We can provide you with expert guidance about vendor costs and association payments, and even better, leverage our organization’s significant combined purchasing power to negotiate the best possible rates, service and quality from your existing vendors and suppliers.

Transparency, Security & Accountability

As a division of FirstService Corporation, a publicly held company (NASDAQ: FSRV; TSX. FSV), we are held to high standards of transparency, security and accountability, and subject to Sarbanes-Oxley financial control requirements. This includes developing our “FirstLine” ethics hotline program, which provides our associates with the option to anonymously report unethical or illegal activities without fear of reprisal.

We also conduct internal audits of our programs and processes to ensure we continue to meet  corporate standards in the following key areas:

  • Accurate and reliable financial reporting
  • Effective and efficient financial operations
  • Safeguard client assets and data
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Our commitment to security and accountability includes the implementation of rigorous IT controls to protect the privacy and security of our clients’ financial information and data. Our structured employment practices include the utilization of formal screening and approval procedures for all prospective new hires. Our goal is to ensure all new associates have the proper qualifications and their backgrounds have been appropriately and thoroughly screened before we extend an offer of employment.

Commitment to Quality

Every member of the FirstService Residential team strives to make a difference and deliver exceptional service to our Board members and residents at every opportunity. We utilize quality industry metrics to continuously measure our service delivery, including client experience surveys administered through outside vendors.  Our focus on service excellence and understanding the needs of our communities has helped us achieve client retention of over 95%, with many client relationships spanning several decades.

For more information about FirstService Residential’s unique value-added programs and commitment to transparency and accountability, please contact us today.

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