During the height of the pandemic, everyone spent more time indoors. This resulted in a paradigm shift in what people wanted and expected from their homes. Residents of high-rise buildings may have accepted basic amenities before the pandemic, but expectations and trends have changed since then. As a result, many high-rise communities are emulating the hotel industry, offering amenities similar to what you would find at a five-star hotel.

Residents choose high-rise living to enjoy their dramatic views, trendy features and convenient locations near entertainment and business centers. But residents of luxury buildings want even more now. As a luxury high-rise board member, you’ll want to stay on top of lifestyle and amenity trends to ensure your building meets the needs and wants of existing and future residents, allowing you to stay relevant and desirable, driving demand – and property values.

Read on to learn what you need to know about amenity trends in luxury high-rise buildings.


Your community's ambiance plays an important role in a hyper-competitive housing market. It impacts your residents' experience from the moment they arrive at the property. The atmosphere and ambiance of your property could either attract or deter future residents. The driveway, the building's façade, the property's signage – all make an impression before someone even enters the building. And once they do, you can impact their experience by the effective use of lighting, music, fragrance and décor. The first impression residents get stepping into a luxury high-rise set the tone for the rest of their stay.

Your professional property management company can work with your board to create the perfect ambiance for your building.

“As industry leaders, we are the most advanced when it comes to emulating a full-service hotel experience, since many of our team members have an extensive background in hospitality,” said Landy Labadie, vice president of community solutions for FirstService Residential. “We understand that a high level of service enhances our residents’ experience.”

Dining Options

On-site food and beverage options have become increasingly popular in recent years to meet residents’ demand. Depending on the residents’ preferences, these can range from a barista station, a grab-and-go market, a gourmet restaurant, even room service. Buildings are using apps that allow residents to order food and beverages with their smart phones, making the ordering process easier.

As a board member, you’ll want to understand the preferences of your residents. Your property management company should provide you with the resources and tools needed to measure resident needs and provide food and beverage solutions that meet them, elevating the resident experience and even creating revenue-generating opportunities.

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As more residents shop online, order goods and really live their lives using technology and apps, this digital trend is also becoming more widely available in high-rises.  Luxury high-rise communities may need to adapt by creating user-friendly and innovative solutions. For example, access control, the method which allows residents and their guests to enter areas of their property, is evolving to a more digital space using advanced technology.

“We're starting to see a lot in technology with artificial intelligence,” said Labadie. “For example, as you pull into your high-rise, the security camera may use facial recognition to grant property access. This type of technology allows residents to have a better experience.”

Working closely with a property management company with access to app and web developers to create innovative solutions for residents can help your board stay on top of the latest trends and enhance their brand.  

Community Programming and Events

Resident events allow residents to socialize and get to know each other. The “living room experience,” which refers to a common area in the building where residents can enjoy events while mixing and mingling with other residents, is a perfect example of community programming. Holiday events, watch parties, special-interest clubs and game or movie nights – all resident-centered events – help create a sense of community.

“We think about the needs of our residents, ensuring that we have options to fit every demographic, from parents with small children to single residents and those with partners and spouses; we expertly curate lifestyle amenities for every group,” said Mindy Anderson, director of lifestyle at FirstService Residential. “Our structure supports property lifestyle directors in producing unique events and activities for everyone in our communities.”

Pet-Friendly Spaces   

Caring for your residents' dogs and cats isn't just a trend. Most people consider their pets members of the family and treat them as such. Many communities are increasingly offering pet-focused amenities to lure and keep pet-lovers. From pet spas and training classes to pet washing stations and even fully equipped dog parks, a strong pet program is essential for lifestyle-oriented, luxury building communities.

Boards should assess their resident needs and pet population to determine solutions that work best for their community.

Kids’ Amenity Spaces

Many luxury high-rises feature kids' amenity spaces and clubs to appeal to families with children, allowing them to play and be active and creative. Clubhouses and all-purpose rooms that feature arts and crafts classes, games, sports and camp-like programming can be attractive to residents with limited indoor space or no back yards where their children can play. Investing in kids' clubs can enhance associations' reputation as a place where young families can grow and thrive.  

Health, Fitness and Wellness

Outdoor spaces also became popular at the height of the pandemic, allowing residents to remain active outside, since most indoor gyms were closed. Today, state-of-the-art fitness centers and apps are trending as the pandemic wanes and people gather together again. Apps like FitnessOnDemand™ allow residents to get together virtually to exercise in the privacy of their own homes.

"Whether it's a swimming class or a Zumba class, fostering the feeling of community is an important way to help create a sense of well-being for our high-rise building residents," said Anderson.

The right professional property management company will work with your board to choose the best wellness program for your community.

Luxury-Amenities.jpgConcierge-Level Service  

Remember that good service, including the attentiveness of your high-rise staff, can be your best amenity.  A professional property management company will be able to assist your association with hiring the right people, and properly training them to ensure that your luxury high-rise building has the best staff suited to deliver a service level that meets your residents’ expectations.

Sports Programs

Previously thought for homeowners associations only, sports facilities in high-rises are a growing trend, perhaps a little differently than in single-family home communities but still offering residents recreational opportunities to interact with one another. High-rises feature a number of sports programs including indoor basketball, racquetball, tennis courts and even golf (often in the form of a simulator, allowing residents to practice their strokes in a virtual golf environment). Sports programs can also feature swimming competitions or resident tournaments.

It’s not always easy for boards to stay on top of the latest amenity trends, but partnering with an experienced management company can lighten the load. The right company will have its finger on the pulse of the latest lifestyle and amenity trends, and can help you bring the right ones to your community.

To find out more about how your community can implement the latest amenity and lifestyle trends, contact FirstService Residential, North America’s leading property management company.

Thursday June 02, 2022