Unique Service Makes Better Pricing and Quality a Possibility

One value-added initiative that truly sets FirstService Residential apart in Alabama is our innovative Value Engineering™ program – a unique cost-cutting service that only our company offers. This unique program is so valuable to our associations and communities that we offer it to you as part of our standard full-service solution.

Value Engineering is designed to lower your association’s costs, improve the overall performance of your operations and significantly impact your bottom line. Our Value Engineers will conduct a line-by-line review of your financials, vendor contracts, utilities and operations to identify areas where you can receive better pricing and service from your third-party suppliers. Their goal is to unearth ways to dramatically reduce your costs, improve service and discover what is working well – and more importantly, what is not.

Armed with this knowledge, we can leverage our strong relationships and purchasing power with banks, utilities and vendors in Alabama and throughout the country to reduce your current costs and improve the quality of your current services. If you’re overpaying a vendor, we’ll find you a lower price. If you’re not earning the highest possible interest on your accounts, we’ll secure the best rates. We want to make a difference by making sure that you receive the highest quality – and lowest price – for every third-party service your community receives. And as the South’s property management leader, we are the only company in Alabama with the expertise and resources to offer you this exclusive personalized service.

Our Value Engineering services include:

  • Benchmarking

  • Preferred banking

  • Leveraged buying

  • Insurance review by our affiliate

  • Supplier/contract audits

  • Utility audits

  • Forecasting cash flow

For more information about our proprietary Value Engineering program or any of our many unique services, please contact FirstService Residential in Alabama.

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