It’s important to keep every unit in your building occupied, for a variety of reasons. Empty units can lead to security issues and lower the appeal of your high-rise building – no one wants to live in a building full of units that are dark at night. Living in a low-occupancy building makes people less of a community and less likely to be involved and engaged.

But how do you keep units full on a consistent basis? The solution is to put time and effort into marketing your building to attract new buyers. Not sure how to start? Whether your high-rise is located along Jersey’s Gold Coast or the Jersey Shore, there are some ways to make marketing it a day at the beach.
1. First Impressions should be the best.
Your building’s lobby is so much more than just the main entrance and package pickup area. Your lobby can set the tone for visits from prospective buyers and residents. Does it create a warm, welcoming environment or is it cold and austere? Does it accurately reflect the personality of your community?  Make sure that your entranceway and lobby are eye-pleasing, properly maintained and not looking dated. It should be welcoming and enticing, so that each first impression is a good one. If your lobby needs some TLC, check out our tips for enhancing it; you can make big improvements for very little investment.
2. Build a good sense of community.
Happy residents are your best marketing tools! Summer barbecues, holiday parties and other events create positive experiences for your residents, which makes them more likely to become advocates for you. As your current residents talk with their friends and family, mentioning the benefits they get from living in your community, your outreach to prospective buyers grows. Get creative with the types of events you host based off of your community’s interests. Invite guest speakers, hold panel discussions, or partner with local business to hold tastings, trunk shows or giveaways. The possibilities for fun and engagement are endless!
3. Show off your financials.
Build transparency into the sales process by creating a mechanism for easily showing the documentation of the financial health of your association. Be clear on financial issues and address any challenges immediately. Buyers will want to know that they are moving into a building that is managed by a Board that is responsible with finances and clear with their residents. This may very well be a deciding factor when selecting their future home. A professional community association management company can help with sound advice for financial transparency, and, if you need it, budgeting and financial planning so those books really are something to brag about.
4. Think like a buyer.
Getting a fresh perspective on your building can really help with seeing its best marketing points – and areas that might need some work. Try this: leave your building and then enter again as if you were a prospective buyer. How do the common areas look? Are they attractive and inviting? Is the lobby well-kept with proper lighting? How does the outside, including landscaping, look as people drive by or walk up for the first time? Completing this exercise will help you identify ways to improve that will boost your building’s curb appeal. Your community association management company can also help you complete a building evaluation and help you create an improvement plan, if needed.
5. Make an appearance online.
Use tools such as specialized landing pages to target prospective buyers. In highly competitive markets, this can be a differentiator that gives you the competitive edge you need. Creating a page for your high-rise makes your building easier to search, highlights the amenities of your building and helps create an internet footprint for prospective buyers. An online presence for your high-rise will give the impression of being trendy and active. Furthermore, your website can also be a resource full of useful information to aid the buyer, and help them arrive to a decision more quickly. This is an easy avenue to highlight what makes your building a great place to live.

Any marketing strategy requires time, effort, and commitment, but it’s well worth it. Use these tips to start attracting more buyers than ever to your property. For more help, contact FirstService Residential, New Jersey’s leading community association management company, today.

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Monday September 12, 2016