Our Community Manager, Carol Nickerson, CMCA, has been published in the June 2017 issue of CAI New Jersey's Community Trends magazine. Her article highlights her son, Luke Guinee. Service to others runs in the family! 

By Carol Nickerson, CMCA

FirstService Residential

This amazing story outlines a path of achievements that few men, who are not quite 25 years old, have achieved. I couldn’t be more proud that this young man, Luke Guinee, is my son. Karate became a passion of his and a major part of his youth. It is where he would reconnect with his elementary school crush, who would eventually become his wife. By the time he was 18, Luke was a 2nd degree black belt.

Strong and focused on his path, he joined the Marine Corps because to him, he had to be part of this branch of service. Luke quickly rose through the ranks and became a leader among his fellow Marines. Coming home from being stationed at 29 Palms, California, the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department was waiting to hire him. He was grateful for the opportunity and remained there for two years, but yearned to make a difference and help people every day. Although barely 23, Luke was chosen from hundreds of applicants and hired on to the East Brunswick Police Department. He continues to serve as a Marine Reservist while working full time as a police officer. He has won the praise and respect of his fellow East Brunswick Police officers who he works with every day.

Besides military and law enforcement achievements, Luke is “big” brother to two sisters and one brother, even though by birth, he’s the youngest. He is a much loved uncle to six nieces and nephews and a wonderful husband to his wife, Mary. Together they are “parents” to their white German Shephard, Sophie. This exceptional young man has achieved all of this, and he’s not quite reached his 25th birthday. The never-ending sense of service and strength he has in his law enforcement and military career, as well as his dedication to his family make me very proud to say he’s my son! 

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Monday July 10, 2017