Leadership Team

  • Robert G. Smith

    President, South Region
  • Danny Ellis

    President, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida Panhandle
  • Jeff Musselman

    Vice President, Georgia
  • Bobet Bennett-Marshall

    Senior Vice President, Financial Services
  • Paula Allen

    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Lillian Guerrero

    Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • Andrew M. Haas

    Vice President, Sales
  • Rob Huguet

    Vice President/Controller
  • Mara J. Jockers

    Vice President, General Counsel
  • Landy F. Labadie

    Vice President, Community Solutions

Community Solutions

  • Landy F. Labadie

    Vice President, Community Solutions
  • Mindy Anderson

    Director, Lifestyle
  • Robert Baldwin

    Director, Food & Beverage, High-Rise Division
  • Jeff Edelstein

    Director, Residential Hospitality
  • Timothy E. Fowler

    Director, Security Operations
  • Jennifer Lasseter

    Director, Property Solutions
  • Chris Normandeau

    Director, FirstService Energy and Value Engineering & Procurement
  • Sybrandt “Sy” Windell

    Director, Food & Beverage Services, Condo-HOA Division
  • Dominick Napoli

    Senior Manager, Cable Programs
  • John Ellis

    Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Ramon Ramirez

    Manager, Quality Assurance

Regional Directors

  • Jacqueline Cress

    Regional Director
  • Clint Culp

    Regional Director
  • Jorge Dominguez

    Regional Director
  • Gary Hulion

    Regional Director
  • Gabrielle Leary

    Regional Director
  • Joe Padron

    Regional Director

Business Development & Accounting

  • Ashley Rader

    Business Development Director
  • Rich Breske

    Manager, Client Accounting