Preventive Maintenance Program

Available to our Myrtle Beach and Charleston area client residents, our Preventive Maintenance Program provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their home is being cared for with our 10 step program. Whether you are a permanent or part-time resident, our program is tailored to meet your needs. From changing a light bulb or filters to HVAC and plumbing needs, we make maintenance of your home simple and care free. 

FirstService Residential will provide specific monthly services as follows:

  1. Check all faucets for proper operation.

  2. Check all drains and drain traps for proper operation.

  3. Check all toilets for proper operation.

  4. Check and replace HVAC filters as needed monthly to ensure proper operation & thermostat settings

  5. Check hot water heaters for proper operation.

  6. Check all electrical panels for tripped breakers/investigate and advise if any problems exist.

  7. Check exterior door locks for proper functioning.

  8. Check all doors and windows for proper closure.

  9. Check sliding door track for proper operation.

  10. Overall inspection of entire unit/roof leaks, loose hand rails, etc.

No additional service work will be performed until homeowner is notified and provides authorization for work.  Any labor or material charges for authorized work will be charged as follows:
                                    Estimates: $55.00
                                    Labor Rates: $55.00 per man hour

We will be available to provide access and supervision of an outside Vendor contracted by you (Unit Owner) at a cost of $25.00 to $55.00 depending on the time requirement of Contractor work schedule or delivery.

NOTE: Situations pertaining to and not limited to an emergency water leak in a unit will be addressed immediately to ensure minimal damage to your unit and surrounding/below units.

FirstService Residential will require a complete list of additional owners authorized to request repairs, if applicable. (Name, complete address and phone number.)

FirstService Residential will require a set of keys for premises and security access codes where applicable.

We may need access to your property to give a final estimate on additional services required.

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