Our Caring Goes Far Beyond the Boundaries of Your Community

At FirstService Residential South Carolina, the members of our team live and work in the same communities as our clients. So when our friends and neighbors are in need, we’re ready to help, both as individuals and as a company. We lend our support to state-based causes and organizations, as well as those located across the country.  

But when emergency situations arise, we mobilize to provide immediate support to our residents and communities. For example, in late October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated communities along the east coast, including approximately 200 communities under management by FirstService Residential New York and FirstService Residential New Jersey, our affiliated companies.  

Just a few days after the storm hit, FirstService Residential established a $10 million emergency Hurricane Recovery Fund so that repairs could begin in advance of the lengthy insurance claim process.  With this immediate funding, storm victims and their families could begin restoring their homes and communities and start the long recovery process.  We are proud to have provided them with the means and support to start getting back to their daily lives.