Full-Service Single Family Home Property Management

At FirstService Residential in Rhode Island we are committed to providing the right tailored property management services and dedicated customer service to add value to every single-family home and community we manage.
As your community’s partner, we support your homeowners association and residents with tailored management services designed to enhance both property values and your residents’ quality of life.  We leverage our combined buying power to help your association reduce its costs for third-party vendor services, like electricity and insurance. 

Expert Board Member Training and HOA Support

In addition, we provide your Board members with industry-leading training and resources to help them effectively fulfill their roles. Our goal is to partner with your homeowners association to achieve its vision for a financially solvent and stable desirable community by adding value, providing attentive service and building long-term trusting relationships with your Board members and homeowners. 

We offer customized single-family home property management services to meet your needs, including:

  • Physical asset analysis and preventive maintenance programs

  • Strategic planning

  • Financial management

  • Leadership planning

  • Industry-leading training and professional development

  • Workflow management processes and systems

  • Proprietary technology innovations

  • Board member training

  • Transitioning programs

Learn more about how FirstService Residential in Rhode Island's single-family home community management services can meet your needs.