Apartment and Commercial Management Services


At FirstService Residential Massachusetts, we are committed to maximizing the value of our clients’ properties while optimizing performance. As experienced property managers, we provide a comprehensive range of management services and utilize the latest technologies to produce outstanding results. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to both property owners and their tenants.

FirstService Residential’s apartment and commercial management services include:


  • Applicant screening/approval

  • Negotiation & execution of rental agreements

  • Lease management

  • Tenant retention programs

  • Tenant conflict resolution

  • Online client services

  • Comprehensive advertising & promotion

  • Hire, train & supervise all on-site employees

  • Frequent site inspections & consistent communication


  • Meticulous annual budgeting

  • Major annual contract reviews (insurance, utilities, landscaping, etc.)

  • Detailed market analysis

  • Lease/rental rate structuring

Financial Reporting/Accounting

  • Detailed and accurate financial reporting

  • Customized reports to meet client’s specific needs

  • Delinquency tracking and payment updates

  • Timely delivery of monthly reports

  • Prompt processing and payment of all bills

  • 24/7 online, secure access to all your financial records


  • 24-hour emergency response

  • Frequent site inspections

  • Maintenance programs and grounds supervision

  • On-line request forms for repairs & services

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