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Seven Tips to Finding a Reserve Study Firm

Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

Your Repair and Replacement reserve fund is what helps your association anticipate its future expense needs – and budget for it, too. This fund gives you the power to maintain the quality of your community by allowing for projects that are both necessary and expensive (like a future roofing or paving project, for instance). Needless to say, establishing this fund can get a little complex. The good news is that you don’t have to be a fortune teller to read the future of your association... you simply need a good reserve study firm to help. Here’s how you can find one.

Seven Steps To Preparing a Workable Budget

Posted on Friday September 09, 2016

Preparing your association’s annual budget can be a source of stress, but it’s also a valuable opportunity to ensure the financial well-being of both your association and homeowners. Proper community association management hinges on this financial tool for both short-term and long-term planning, so it’s important to follow some guidelines.

4 Ways to Keep Parents Sane and Kids Happy During Back-to-School

Posted on Wednesday August 24, 2016

Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah – school starts in Virginia at the beginning of September! As a parent, you know what back to school means. Sure, it’s a change in schedule, but it’s also a change in your whole world: rushing out the door, speeding through homework, running back home for forgotten lunch boxes, permission slips and backpacks. Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to insanity. A little organization can go a long way toward minimizing back to school stress – and make this time of year more fun for everyone. Check out these suggestions from California Closets, the leader in custom home storage solutions and an authority in design, for arranging your household to be more school-friendly, and your first day back will earn an A! 

Easy Tips to Help Community Members Plan for Vacation Travel

Posted on Wednesday August 03, 2016

Summer is a great time to hit the road! Taking advantage of the warm weather and time off from school to relax on a beach, camp, board a cruise and more. This is a great time to hike the Blue Ridge Mountains, road trip to Virginia Beach or Williamsburg, or venture further for an exotic adventure. Whatever you plan to do, there is a lot to plan for to make sure this summer vacation is one to remember. Most schools start after Labor Day, so summer in Virginia can be a little longer than many places today.

Whether you live in a high-rise condo or master-planned community, in Fairfax or Alexandria, it’s important to know how to prepare your home for an extended time away. No matter where you live, here are some simple tips to help ensure your home is safe and well maintained while you are off enjoying the summer sun.

11 Qualities to Seek in Your Community Association Management Company

Posted on Wednesday July 20, 2016

Choosing the best community association management company can be a time-consuming task. It takes research, interviews, and a lot of input from your fellow stakeholders in the community.  So how can you streamline this process? Well, while it’s not good to take shortcuts, there are a few basic qualities you should seek in a company while you’re vetting your candidates, and that can simplify things. We’ve put together a short checklist of those qualities here.  

Michael Mendillo, Regional President of FirstService Residential, Mid-Atlantic, Inspires William Patterson University Students

Posted on Thursday April 09, 2015

Michael Mendillo, president of FirstService Residential's Mid-Atlantic region, returned to William Patterson University, his alma mater, to inspire students with real-life lessons about leadership and success.  

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes When Hiring a Property Management Company

Posted on Tuesday October 14, 2014

Learn what factors you should consider when hiring a Property Management Company and the qualities you should seek in the best management company for your community.

What Do Association Board Members Really Want? The Top Service Issues the Best Property Management Companies Should Address

Posted on Thursday June 19, 2014

Board members of community associations and condominiums are always seeking for a property management company that will provide the best service for their community.  But what does that really mean?
How do you choose the property management company that is the best fit for your community’s needs? Surely, different types of communities define “best service” in different ways.

FirstService Residential Executive Discusses Offbeat Second Home Investment Locations and Trends

Posted on Wednesday July 10, 2013

While exclusive communities like the Hamptons or Malibu will always be attractive locations for affluent vacation home buyers, several new trends are emerging in the growing second home market. 

Good Management – The Key to Active Adult Community Success

Posted on Friday June 07, 2013

Today’s active adult communities are growing in popularity in New Jersey and across the country, spurred in great part by the maturing U.S. population. As interest in activity-rich, amenity-driven lifestyles increases for the 55-plus group, existing age-restricted communities are working hard to adapt their facilities and programming in order to compete in the changing marketplace. At the same time, developers and builders are searching for the best strategies to make new ventures stand out from the crowd.

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