Providing Unparalleled Quality and Service 

At FirstService Residential Texas, every member of our team is committed to being the best at what we do.  Each of us aims high to deliver innovative programs and outstanding  customer service that continually set our industry’s standards for service delivery, quality and professionalism, both in Texas and beyond.

Power in Numbers

FirstService Residential is comprised of more than 16,000 team members and the industry’s top leaders and experts – unparalleled in knowledge, innovation and commitment to service.  Many of the advances in association management, initiated by our associates, have become industry standards.  By being part of FirstService Residential, we can leverage the combined resources, experience and best practices of North America’s property management leader and our affiliated companies.  These advantages, along with our established local expertise and relationships, help us tailor our full-service management solution and service to effectively meet the needs of every community under our care – including yours.

Innovative Programs Improve Service and Reduce Costs

Our full-service management solution includes a wide selection of value-added services designed to increase quality, service and reduce costs for your community.  They include:

Elite Financial and Banking Programs

Because we manage over 6,000 properties and oversee more than $6 billion in operating budgets, we are able to obtain the highest possible interest rates on our clients’ operating and reserve accounts to capitalize on investments, reduce risk, and provide suitable insurance coverage with the best negotiated terms and rates.  Furthermore, our managed communities get special access to unpaid loan and financing opportunities that considerably reduce interest costs for your association, resulting in massive savings and returns directly to our managed properties.

We have accomplished the following within the first half of 2013:

  • We saved managed properties over $3.5M savings in banking fees and expenses, with an  additional $2 million in interest returns
  • We co-brokered and bound  over $98 million in premiums for our clients, and helped them save an average 5.1% on overall premiums on renewal
  • We assisted our condo/co-op clients with nearly $100 million in loans, attaining savings of nearly $600,000 by utilizing our services

Advanced Technology Solutions

Our proprietary FirstService Residential Connect™ property management software increases communication and enables online management capabilities for Board members, residents and management team.

Customer Care Center

As part of our guarantee to delivering responsive, helpful customer service, we offer a Customer Care Center with extended hours, where residents can call with inquiries and concerns. Highly trained telephone representatives provide immediate information and answers to residents’ questions. 

Collective Purchasing Power

As a FirstService Residential Texas as a Board member, homeowner or resident, you will gain the advantages of our local market and state knowledge, quality vendor relationships and unmatched property management experience.   We are recognized throughout Texas for delivering value through our innovative and sound property management services, ranging from advanced technology tools that streamline communication, to powerful combined buying programs that create substantial savings, to best-in-class training that provides Board members and our associates with the targeted skills they need to excel in their roles.

Transparency, Security & Accountability

FirstService Residential is a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, a publicly held company (NASDAQ: FSRV; TSX. FSV).  Therefore, we adhere to high standards of transparency, security and accountability, and abide by the financial control guidelines of Sarbanes-Oxley. This is why we have created an ethics hotline program called “FirstLine”, which allows our associates to anonymously report unethical or unlawful actions without fear of retaliation.  
Our programs and procedures are internally audited to ensure we continue to meet corporate standards in the following essential areas:

•    Precise and dependable financial reporting
•    Effective and resourceful financial operations
•    Protected client assets and information
•    Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

To demonstrate our dedication to security and accountability, we have also implemented strict IT controls to safeguard the privacy and security of our clients’ financial information.  Additionally, our hiring process includes formal screening and approval procedures for all potential new employees. Before we extend an employment offer, our goal is to ensure all new associates have the proper credentials and their backgrounds have been correctly and thoroughly screened.

Dedication to Quality

At FirstService Residential Texas, we consistently measure our service delivery to ensure we are fulfilling our service promise.  We request and obtain client feedback in a variety of ways, including ongoing client experience surveys. This commitment to service has helped us achieve client high retention rates, with many of our clients remaining with us for several decades. 

For more information about our unique value-added programs, please contact us today.