Texas Legislative Updates and Implementation

As part of our commitment to our Associations, we follow each Texas legislation closely and monitor all local, national and municipal legislative updates and communicate these changes to our Boards, along with their effects.

During each session, FirstService Residential Texas is actively engaged with our lobbyist in Austin, who works with legislators to positively impact our communities. We have had much successes with our strategy, which focuses on building relationships and partnering with legislators. We are considered a trusted resource and in many cases, work in tandem to educate legislators and their staff on the true impact of what proposed language would have on Association operations, the ability for volunteers to be successful in their roles, and most importantly, the amount of assessments. While the 2011 session saw the passage of 16 bills impacting property owners Associations, in 2013 there was more restraint practiced by most lawmakers to be overly broad in their approach, so we have seen fewer bills with less reach. The same can be said for the 2015 session.

As managing agent for our Associations, it is our responsibility to guide our Boards regarding any changes in the state law, so rest assured that we actively engage our management team in order to do so. Since 2011, we have published an Overview and Implementation Guide at the end of each session to provide a written guide for you, and coordinated educational sessions throughout Texas for Board members.