Roles & Responsibilities: Your Property Management Company

How do property management companies operate? 
We break it down.


What is a property management company?

A property management company is a service provider for associations, like HOAs and
COAs, and commercial businesses. Like FirstService Residential, those services may
include administrative, financial, marketing, maintenance, strategic guidance or
management solutions for a fee either on an as-needed basis or an annual retainer.

What is their role?

While the board of directors manages day-to-day operations, it"s common for a property
management company to maintain a relationship with the community manager and the
board. In general, property management companies document accounting, activities
and other association transactions, guide the board to fulfill their duties and execute
decisions, policies and directives approved by the board.

Benefits of partnering with a property management company:

Partnering with a property management company comes with a host of benefits,
including customized services and solutions, a network of resources and
vendors, financial benefits, state-of-the-art technologies managed by tech-savvy
professionals and streamlined operations.

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