HOA Community Renovation Success Story


A townhome association in the West was in desperate need of a community facelift. The board members had already resigned, leaving the community with no way to move forward.

The community was in major disrepair with: HOA Community Renovation Success Story Pool Transformation

  • Rotting columns
  • Broken balconies
  • Aging exterior paint
  • Broken pool pumps
  • Dead trees
  • Road hazards



  • Our management team encouraged current residents to serve on the board. We used our collective expertise to train the new members at each board meeting and whenever questions were brought up. 
  • Once a new board was established, the community manager spoke to the community about the necessity of the project.  All owners voted unanimously to increase the dues. 
  • Next, a plan for the necessary repairs was put in to place. The manager and board members conducted three site tours with each of the five potential painters/restoration vendors. 
  • The management team provided the board with a detailed bid matrix outlining the scope of work, payment terms, warranties and insurance, in addition to the bid proposal for each vendor before deciding on the right vendor for the job.
  • A final site tour was conducted with the board, community manager and selected vendor to uncover any additional work that may have missed during initial tours. 

“I am in the process of moving to Tucson.
I am determined to find a home in a FirstService Residential managed community.
FirstService Residential listens attentively and responds immediately.
More significantly, they are focused on community! A much-needed focus in this era.
FirstService Residential promotes harmony, communication and quality care.”

HOA Board Member - Scottsdale, Arizona

One year later the results are as follows:

  • All rotting columns have been repaired or replaced.
  • All balconies were repaired.
  • Broken pumps were replaced or repaired.
  • All hazards created by trees throughout the community have been addressed, and the community just finished a wood repair and exterior paint project.
  • Using the FirstService Residential Pre-legal Department, delinquencies have been drastically reduced and homeowners who were in arrears are on payment plans.
  • The community is now in good operating order and in a position to proactively repair roofs throughout the community.

Reserve contributions are almost at 100%, as recommended by the Reserve Study!

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