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How do you know you’ve been successful as a board member in a Texas high-rise or master-planned community? You could measure it by progress of objectives you’ve met, financial stability, or projections for the year ahead.

What really matters is your relationship with your residents. Whether you’re self-managed or you partner with a management company, gauging feedback can be tricky. Unless, you look at the overall stats.
The Foundation for Community Association Research recently released its national survey on how Americans feel about living in association communities. Let’s look at the highlights from the 2018 report.

81 percent

of residents say they are on friendly terms with their association board.


73 percent

of residents say their community managers provide value and support to residents and their associations. 


84 percent

of those surveyed said that their elected governing board is, at least for the most part, striving to serve the best interests of their community.


63 percent

of respondents rate their overall community association experience as positive.   


62 percent

of residents surveyed feel that community rules enhance and protect their property values.

These numbers are cause for celebration, whether you’re on the board of a community in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or Dallas. These survey results indicate success by boards across Texas and the country. For the seventh time in 13 years, Americans living in homeowner associations and condominiums say they are overwhelmingly satisfied in their communities. This survey was conducted by Zogby Analytics. For the full survey, click here. 

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Tuesday December 04, 2018