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It's like clockwork. The moment we graciously trade in warmer weather for, well, slightly less warm weather (Texas, anyone?), we break into a festive spirit. But even the season of good tidings can present obstacles: home security. Before you book that vacation or buy the perfect gift, here are a few holiday home security tips to keep you and your community safe.


Secure your Wi-Fi

In this digital age, you'd be surprised how many people leave their digital footprint for the taking, especially at home. Protect your private information by creating a guest Wi-Fi network.

Extra Tidbit: Be aware of "public" Wi-Fi in malls or restaurants. Hackers routinely build identical, unsecure networks that make it easy to steal your information right from under your nose. Stay one step ahead by downloading coupons or checking your bank account on your home network. But if you must use a public network, there is good news: if you see a lock icon beside the network's name, it's safe!


Home Security on Vacation

So you booked that trip to Italy and can almost feel the sandy beaches between your toes. But not so fast! Criminals anticipate that you'll forget to secure the most vulnerable aspects of your home. Aside from locking your doors, set the alarm and install light timers to create the illusion that you'll be home for the holidays. 


It Takes a Village

Your home is secure, the Christmas tree is out of sight and your guest Wi-Fi network is in place, but there's still one more thing. Neighbors and friends play a large part in making sure your home stays just the way you left it. Ask Jim across the street to collect your mail or the community manager to conduct regular patrols and gate inspections. And as always, if you see something, say something.

Tuesday November 05, 2019