Is your Texas Community Ready for Hurricane Season?

Is Your Texas Community Ready for Hurricane Season?

How can FirstService Residential help you with your comunnity's hurricane preparednessWith hurricane season in full swing, most of us are reminded of the devastation that can be caused by a truly powerful storm. Winds can reach upwards of 150 miles per hour and flooding can be vast, making conditions both during and after a storm truly dangerous. A proactive approach to hurricane preparedness is essential for all communities to prevent extensive damage and ensure resident safety. 

But what steps should communities take pre and post hurricane? And how can your property management company help? The resources below are sure to help you weather the storm.



• How Your Property Management Company is Your Friend During Hurricane Season

• Hurricane Plans and Policies: Reduce Your Association’s Risk

• Simple Landscaping Tips To Help You Prepare for Hurricane Season

• How Your Property Management Company Should Help Your Community after a Major Storm
Planning for hurricane season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our Hurricane Preparedness guide includes step-by-step preparation, an hourly timeline, checklists, and more. With the help of a great property management company, even seemingly great damage can be mitigated, repaired and reversed. To find out more, contact FirstService Residential, North America’s leading residential property management company

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