Randy Hutchings
President - Ontario
Tania Haluk, R.C.M.
Vice President, Operations
Tasso Eracles
Mark D. Hopkins
Vice President, Operations
Clare Jackson
Vice President, Human Resources
Eric Gattoni
Vice President, Property Services
Jeff Webb
Regional Director
Julian McNabb
Director, New Community Development
Arash Ghorbandaei
Project and Transitions Manager
Gene Lewis
Director, Business Development Ontario
Suneel Gupta
Director of Energy and Sustainability
Pat Schettino
Director, National Property Programs
Jordan Muchnick
Vice President, Lending and Cash Management
Julian Silva
Application Specialist, FSRConnect
Ada Clarke, R.C.M.
Executive Regional Director
Elena Schneider, R.C.M.
Executive Regional Director
Fred Mucci
Regional Executive Director
Madalina Giosanu, R.C.M.
Regional Director
Matt Newton
Regional Director
Sarah Campbell
Regional Director
Calvin Willis, R.C.M.
District Manager