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How Board Members Can Keep a Community Safer from Cyber Threats

Posted on Sunday January 29, 2017

Technology has made running a business easier. With all of that technology comes some risks. Hackers make careers out of trying to access data for fun and profit. But there are things that you, the board, can do to help keep your community data safe.

A How-To Guide for Effective HOA Board Communication

Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2017

Great communication matters. The residents in your community association need and rely on consistent, clear information communicated from their board members and management associates. That includes everything from upcoming events to new policies. Consider these tips as a roadmap to great communication that will keep everyone on the same path.

The Importance of Having a Partner to Manage and Activate Community Amenities

Posted on Monday January 23, 2017

Having a swimming pool, a fitness area, or a clubhouse for residents are perks that can make any community stand out. A good management company has people with many years of experience operating and maintaining these types of features, and they can offer many helpful ways for you to get the most for your community. Here are some ways your community can benefit from the experience of a community association management company, and make your job as a board member a little easier.

Steps to Sucessfully Implement Your New Association Budget

Posted on Monday January 23, 2017

You’ve done all the homework. Crunched the numbers. Your reserve study is complete, your vendor agreements have been checked and your budget is done! Now what? There’s an entire process to creating the budget, followed by implementing it, and clear communication to homeowners, through every step of the process, is the best way to avoid problems.

Four Communication Essentials of Good Community Management Companies

Posted on Friday January 20, 2017

The foundation of any good relationship is communication. And that also holds true for HOAs and community management companies, regardless of whether we’re talking about a townhome community, high-rise or a master-planned community.

Ten Building Security Tips

Posted on Thursday January 19, 2017

We are all concerned about safety. High Rise management companies and Board members, who have a responsibility to protect the common property, must pay particular attention to security at their properties. A secure condominium means a happier and safer community, and that is what is most important to owners and residents.

How to Make Good Policy in Your Community: Eight Simple Rules

Posted on Tuesday October 25, 2016

The most important factors in association policy making, regardless of the concern at hand, are clarity and sensibility. The board must be clear – and united – on the policy being created and then must clearly communicate that policy to all residents. Whether you live in a community nestled in the beautiful valley near Burnsville or one in lovely Mooresville, the basic steps to creating good policy and enforcing it successfully are the same.

Find the Right Reserve Study Firm: Seven Steps

Posted on Friday September 30, 2016

Your reserve fund is what helps your community association anticipate its future – and budget for it, too.  In fact it is so important that in North Carolina, sellers must present prospective buyers with a disclosure stating the community’s current reserve balance and the amount in the budget allocated to reserves. 
Establishing this fund can get a little complex. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a fortune teller to read the future of your simply need a good reserve study firm to help. Here’s how you can find the right firm for your community.

Four Steps to Financial Fitness for your Community

Posted on Monday September 19, 2016

We all know the key to physical fitness is to practice moderation and to make smart choices. The same applies to keeping your community association association’s finances healthy! The only thing you have to exercise is good judgment. We’ve created four tips to help you do just that.

Seven Steps To Crafting a Budget That Works

Posted on Thursday September 08, 2016

Working on the annual budget for your association can be a source of stress, but it can also offer a great opportunity to protect the financial health of both your association and your homeowners. Proper community association management hinges on this financial tool for both short-term and long-term planning, so it’s important to follow some guidelines.

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