Here are some recent examples of how FirstService Residential New York has been making news.

Rebuilding After a Hurricane: How Your Property Management Company Can Help

In the aftermath of a powerful hurricane or tropical storm, a quality property management company can facilitate your building’s repairs and help residents start returning to their day-to-day activities, as seen with FirstService Residential’s efforts after Superstorm Sandy. After the storm has passed, the first consideration is the safety of your building’s residents. Once that has been established, it’s time to work toward returning to a normal way of life. Here are some of the steps the best property management company will take to help you get there.

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Insuring Amenities - Don't Make Luxury a Liability

President Dan Wurtzel is quoted in this Cooperator article on essential insurance coverages condos and co-ops should have.

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FirstService Residential Teams with Mayor’s Office to Offer Steam Heat Seminars Focused on Improving Efficiency

FirstService Residential and FS Energy teamed up with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the NYC Retrofit Accelerator Program to offer a training seminar for property managers and building operators covering one-pipe and two-pipe steam heat distribution systems. The seminars attracted more than 130 attendees.

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FirstService Residential Property Managers Briefed on Local Law 45

Among the speakers at the July Property Managers’ Meeting was Tim Mitchell, an attorney with Cohen, Hochman, & Allen, who explained the details of Local Law 45 of 2016, the city's temporary program to settle outstanding Environmental Control Board violations issued by the Department of Buildings.

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FirstService Residential Forms Alliance With Zipcar

Jeremy Lynch, National Account Manager for Zipcar, explains the company’s new partnership with FirstService Residential at the July Property Managers’ Meeting. 

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Landscaping Tips – How to Prepare For Hurricane Season in New York City

This hurricane season, let us help you avoid unwarranted damage by preparing from the outside in. Using these five tips, you can prepare your landscaping to help your community safely weather any storm. 

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How Your New York City Property Management Company Can Be Your Best Friend During Hurricane Season

As a board member of a New York City condominium or cooperative, you understand how this coastal metropolis can be impacted by large storms. The good news is that by partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable property management company, your building can be thoroughly prepared while minimizing the risk of potential damages during hurricane season. To help you and your property achieve the best property management service before, during and after hurricane season, here are some helpful tips. 

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Navigating the Lap of Luxury - The Business of Condo Units in High-End Hotels

Marc Kotler, Senior Vice President of FirstService Residential's New Development Group, is quoted in a Cooperator article discussing the management of residential condominium units in high-end New York City hotels.

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New York City Hurricane Season – Why It’s Important To Prepare Now

With summer in full swing, New Yorkers are focused on spending time outdoors and having fun in the sun. The fact that hurricane season – which runs from June 1 to November 30 along the east coast – is upon us, often isn’t top of mind. This season, there is one important question every board member and resident should ask: “Is my community prepared for a possible traumatic weather event such as a hurricane?” 

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FirstService Residential Receives Jetsetter Award for Top Participation in #DaylightHour 2016

Leading property management company doubled its participation in the annual energy-saving campaign

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Labor Relations is Topic of June Property Managers’ Meeting

Realty Advisory Board Attorney Robert S. Schwartz gave a presentation on labor relations during our June Property Managers’ Meeting covering wage and benefit rules for new hires and vacation relief employees; leaves of absences; the Family and Medical Leave Act; reduction in force actions; and best practices for progressive (corrective) discipline, among other topics.

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Four Paths for Board Succession

Here in New York City, our condominium and cooperative communities can exceed 1,000 units. For boards, that means a lot of responsibility – especially when it comes to planning for the future. Part of that is the future of the board itself, specifically the issue of succession. Here are a few strategies for ensuring the next board of managers or directors is just as capable and qualified as your current one.  

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Silver Towers Selects Cutting-Edge InVerde e+ to Boost Building Resiliency

FirstService Residential and the company's FS Energy subsidiary are referenced in this press release announcing the installation of combined heat and power (CHP) at Silver Towers, a property managed by FirstService Residential.

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Furry, Fit and Fun: Lifestyle Tips For Your New York City Dog

In many ways, New York City is one large playground. With a population upwards of eight million residents, approximately one out of five city dwellers are dog owners. This is prime evidence that New Yorkers are fans of enjoying their environment with their four-legged companions. With so many people, vehicles and events creating a constant buzz of action, you’ll need to take special precautions to keep your furry adventure buddy safe, happy and calm. 

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Rev Up Your Rooftop

It’s no secret that the housing market in New York is competitive. So to truly set your high-rise apart, we suggest one thing: start at the top. Your rooftop is an opportunity to bring neighbors together, enhance the visual appeal of your property, and – if activated correctly – a potential revenue source that can bring added income to your association. There are always opportunities to enhance the amenities throughout your building but here are a few ideas that focus on the roof.

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How to Ensure a Successful Annual Meeting - A Comprehensive Checklist & Guide For Your New York City Cooperative or Condominium

Annual meetings are not only a necessary part of association management – they are a valuable way to ensure smooth operations, enhance the lifestyle of owners and residents, and position your property for success. The main purpose of your your Your New York City Cooperative or Condominium's annual meeting is to inform shareholders and unit owners of the state of the property. Meetings may cover the building’s finances and any planned projects or ongoing capital improvements, and also include the election of new board members, voting on proposals requiring owner approval, or action on other urgent business. To start, we’ll offer you a quick overview of vital tips to ensure that your annual meeting is an efficient and productive one.  

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The Farmer's Market That Delivers to Your Door

Two FirstService Residential managed properties are featured in a Habitat magazine article about the convenience and accessibility of fresh, local ingredients thanks to Brooklyn-based produce delivery company, Farmigo.

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How to Build a Better Board by Embracing and Understanding Diversity

A board of directors in a cooperative or board of managers in a condominium can be a diverse group. That’s especially true in New York City, where residents are known for their diversity of opinions – and their willingness to share them. In a dysfunctional board, this can be a recipe for disaster. But if you place an emphasis on fostering the right dynamics among your board members, you can turn these varying opinions and personalities into an armory of strength. Let’s take a look at how you can make this happen.   

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The Power of An Attractive Lobby

Nothing that happens in New York City is done halfway – everything is bigger, better, bolder and more. And that goes for the lobby of your condominium or cooperative too. Your lobby is your building’s chance to make a great first impression on a prospective resident. So what impression do you want to impart? Stylish and modern? Classic and grand? Fun and upbeat? Your lobby can convey all of this – and more. On the flip side, it can convey just the opposite. A shabby lobby with outworn features tells visitors and residents that this is a place where there’s little care and even less when it comes to service. It’s a big responsibility, so we’re here to help out with a few tips.   

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Help Your Multifamily Property Go Green! Energy Incentives Available Now

In a densely populated, cultural and financial capital like New York City, the initiative to reduce carbon emissions has gained momentum, making sustainability and resiliency a point of focus in everyday living. With various incentives and rebates offered by utilities and government agencies, buildings are able to embrace green practices and "go green" at a lower cost while enjoying ongoing energy savings as a result. We’ll give you a quick tutorial on finding an appropriate solution for your building and making the most out of the different energy incentives currently available. 

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