New Heating Rules Effective October 1

Posted on Monday October 16, 2017

New legislation requires residential buildings to set overnight temperatures to 62 degrees during the October 1 to May 31 heating season regardless of the outside temperature.
This is a good opportunity to assess your heating system inefficiencies and determine if an energy management controller or other heating distribution upgrades need to be made to prevent waste and ensure resident comfort.
“Most buildings can easily upgrade their energy management controller to include indoor air sensors throughout the building and other system monitoring points that will send real-time feedback to the heating plant to help maximize system efficiency,” said Kelly Dougherty, director, energy management, FS Energy. “Energy management controllers have come a long way. Real-time information can provide your operator with the information they need to ensure the building is compliant with the law.”
Dougherty also recommends verifying that your boiler company has completed its annual cleaning. “If your pipes bang or clank, you likely have a heating distribution issue,” she added. “FS Energy can help.” For more information, email
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