Ensuring Compliance with New FDNY Rules for Safety Signs on Doors

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) adopted new rules requiring multifamily dwellings to place reflective signs on all apartment and stairwell doors. The legislation, FDNY 3 RCNY §505-01 & 505-02, is intended to assist emergency responders in locating apartments and determining where they are headed in a building when responding to a fire or other emergency.

Requirements specify the design of the new reflective signs as well as where they must be posted on apartment and stairwell doors and in lobby/hallway corridors.

Buildings with duplex and triplex apartments had to comply by March 30, 2017; buildings with only single-level apartments must comply by March 30, 2018. Buildings that are fully sprinklered do not have to comply.
To provide our board members with concrete information regarding what they must do to comply with the law, FirstService Residential arranged to have an independent third-party fire protection company perform an on-site inspect of each building and prepare a detailed report.

“We felt the only fail-safe way to ensure our properties are complying with the new regulation was to have the specific requirements for each building clearly outlined by a professional consultant,” says Dan Wurtzel, president, FirstService Residential. 

Now that site surveys and inspection reports have been completed for all buildings, FirstService Residential is in the process of negotiating bulk pricing for ordering the emergency markings that are required by March 30, 2018.