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"There has been a lot to deal with during the management transition, but things are progressing quickly and FirstService Residential has been very responsive and proactive! During the first few months, they have worked with the board to create new Purchase, Lease, and Refinance Applications; been present at all board meetings; consistently visited the building to check on operations; and are working to ensure repairs are being performed so our building is prepared for inspections."

Board of Directors
The Hamilton

"The FSR team has great qualities—honesty, trustworthiness, professionalism—and they are very good at listening to issues and responding accordingly. We appreciate your efforts."

Board of Directors
Tracy Towers

"Our manager completely asserted the Co-op’s position and rights with the shareholder. Her gentle and professional manner, fused with a ‘no nonsense’ attitude, is exactly the right blend of management style needed to maintain the integrity of the Co-op’s Proprietary Lease and finances, and to safeguard the quality of life for our shareholders."

Board of Directors
84-unit cooperative

"I wanted to acknowledge the great work that your team at East Midtown Plaza is doing. Tom and Geri have worked on a number of historical problems with ease. In the past month alone, we have successfully refinanced a new mortgage, replenished all our accounts, completed many capital projects and most importantly, won the FULL confidence of the board. THANK YOU for the great job!"

Board President
East Midtown Plaza

"I am writing on behalf of the board to commend our Property Manager for his exceptional effort and accomplishments. Over this past year, he has done a remarkable job in managing our major Local Law 11 project, bringing a very large-scale project within a week of completion, limited only by weather. The project was anticipated to take a full year, and he has gotten it complete in less than 9 months. He has also been relentless in keeping our costs down. He is a tough negotiator when it comes to dealing with contractors. So, in addition to saving time, he has saved us considerable money. Thank you for ensuring that FirstService Residential provides this quality of experienced management."

Board President
185 West End Avenue Owners Corp.

"I am writing on behalf of the Board to highly commend Steve, our Property Manager, for his superb response to the smoky apartment fire on Friday night. Steve was home but rushed back from New Jersey to deal with the crisis. He took immediate command as the fire department relinquished control. Working with our outstanding Resident Manager and his amazing staff, Steve ensured that immediate critical tasks were performed, expedited insurance company involvement, updated our residents that evening, and arranged professional, building-wide smoke odor abatement so that the building was essentially back to normal by Wednesday. The Board is very appreciative of the very efficient and professional way this entire crisis was responded to by all the staff who came to our assistance. The Board wishes especially to recognize Steve for his exemplary management and dedication. Thank you for ensuring that FirstService Residential provides the quality of experienced management exemplified by Steve."

Board President
442 unit condop

"Thank you for your excellent budget presentation. You really have a grasp on all of the particulars which was extremely helpful in our discussions. As someone whose head would spin every year during budget discussions, you made this very comprehensible. Thank you."

Board President
214-unit cooperative

"Thank you for helping us [secure a cost-free energy efficient lighting upgrade] with the Con Edison program. The new lights and fixtures really make a difference inside and outside the building. I am also very happy with the new super that you highly recommended. He has already saved the co-op thousands of dollars with his knowledge."

Board President
Howard Beach Co-op

"I attended your Sustainability Expo and walked away with many impressions. The wealth of information, knowledge and experience available to us, whether proactive or reactive, is beyond anything we had at our prior management company. I took notes regarding what we can do for the environment and to be fiscally responsible for our co-op. It was great. The very large turnout of board presidents indicated to me a very big show of support for your company, managers and executives. I was initially worried about losing our family relationship, but I can tell you I felt like the most important person at the seminar amongst many, many board presidents. Maybe other companies are running these seminars, but I had never been and this was executed first class. We are in great hands."

Board President
232-unit cooperative

"Spectacular! No other word adequately expresses it. Most impressive outcome of the [lobby re-opening reception] was the appreciation and joy of our residents. What a positive image this Board and management have been able to accomplish."

Board President
100 UN Plaza Board Member

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