Denise Clarke

Director, Mitchell-Lama Property Management Division

Denise Clarke serves as Director of FirstService Residential’s Mitchell-Lama Property Management Division, which comprises a full-service team solely dedicated to serving the management needs of this unique type of affordable rental and cooperative housing. Clarke was promoted to her current position in 2011 after serving as Assistant Director of the Division for the six years prior. She joined the company (then known as Wentworth Property Management) in 1994 as a full charge bookkeeper responsible for a portfolio of Mitchell-Lama cooperatives.
A Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) with more than two decades in the industry, Clarke is a rec­ognized expert in the management of Mitchell-Lama housing. She and her team currently oversee the management and operations of 17 Mitchell-Lama communities with nearly 9,000 apartments across New York City.
Clarke’s long-standing relationships with New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Develop­ment (HPD) and New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) enable her to help clients successfully navigate the myriad Mitchell-Lama regulations, thus protecting each building and its shareholders.
She understands the unique complexities of these communities including the needs and concerns of shareholders and the goals of each boards of directors. Clarke remains current on the ever-changing regula­tions affecting government-regulated housing. She has initiated and obtained financing for many Mitchell-Lama properties through the 8A Loan Program and New York State Energy Research and Development Author­ity (NYSERDA) initiatives. She has vast experience with J-51 filings for major capital improvements and is well versed in all Local Laws to ensure that filings are completed on time. Clarke’s division also actively helps clients generate revenue through energy conservation measures.