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How to Successfully Implement a New Budget

Posted on Monday January 23, 2017

You’ve done all the homework. Crunched the numbers. Your reserve study is complete, your vendor agreements have been checked and your budget is done! Now what? There’s an entire process to creating the budget, followed by implementing it, and clear communication to homeowners, through every step of the process, is the best way to avoid problems.

Ten Building Security Tips

Posted on Thursday January 19, 2017

We are all concerned about safety. High Rise management companies and Board members, who have a responsibility to protect the common property, must pay particular attention to security at their properties. A secure condominium means a happier and safer community, and that is what is most important to owners and residents.

Four Communication Essentials of Good Community Management Companies

Posted on Thursday January 19, 2017

The foundation of any good relationship is communication. And that also holds true for HOAs and community management companies, regardless of whether we’re talking about a townhome community, high-rise or a master-planned community.

High-Rise Insurance: Seven Tips to Cover Your Property

Posted on Tuesday January 03, 2017

 High-rise living is on the rise! Security, great amenities, convenient locations and concierge services are just a few reasons that people are more in love with vertical living than ever before. Of course, all of that comes with its challenges too, and one of those is insurance. High-rise buildings have multiple residences, each of which needs its own coverage, and shared commons spaces, which also must be insured.

Making the Rules without Making Enemies: Policy and Compliance Basics

Posted on Tuesday January 03, 2017

Good rules make good community members. There are two critical components to making good policy, no matter what kind of community association you live in: clarity and sensibility. The board must be clear on the policy being created and the reasons for creating it. They must then communicate that policy to all residents. Whether the policy is about approved high-rise flooring, designated smoking areas, overnight guest parking or amenity usage, the basic principles for writing good policy and successfully enforcing it are the same.

Help For Hectic Holidays: Package Delivery and Management

Posted on Tuesday December 06, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Online shopping has become a common way to find the perfect gift while saving time and money, and avoiding having to fight the crowds at the mall, all from the comfort of your couch. The biggest concern people have with online shopping is, of course, wondering “Will it get there on time? Will it get there safely?”

Defining Residents’ Rights and Responsibilities Creates Happy HOA Communities

Posted on Monday October 17, 2016

“When a community’s residents and HOA leaders understand their roles and responsibilities, it creates a clarity that leads to cohesiveness,” states Lisa Leidy, a community association manager for FirstService Residential. “If you’re a resident, knowing your responsibilities, as well as what you can expect your community management team to provide, it leads to setting realistic expectations and ultimately meeting them.” With the importance of roles and responsibilities in mind, we’ve compiled a list of nine significant ones for both homeowners and non-owners. Read on to learn more about residents and the roles they play in your community.

Tips for Marketing Your High-Rise Effectively

Posted on Monday September 12, 2016

Empty units can lead to security issues and lower the appeal of your high-rise building – no one wants to live in a building full of units that are dark at night.But how do you keep units full on a consistent basis? The solution is to put time and effort into marketing your building to attract new buyers. Not sure how to start? Whether your high-rise is located along Jersey’s Gold Coast or the Jersey Shore, there are some ways to make marketing it a day at the beach.

It’s Back To School! 4 Tips to Keep Parents Sane and Kids Happy

Posted on Wednesday August 24, 2016

Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah – school starts in New Jersey at the beginning of September! As a parent, you know what back to school means. Sure, it’s a change in schedule, but it’s also a change in your whole world: rushing out the door, speeding through homework, running back home for forgotten lunch boxes, permission slips and backpacks. Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to insanity. A little organization can go a long way toward minimizing back to school stress – and make this time of year more fun for everyone. Check out these suggestions from California Closets, the leader in custom home storage solutions and an authority in design, for arranging your household to be more school-friendly, and your first day back will earn an A! 

Preparing a Better Budget in Seven Simple Steps

Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2016

Where does financial fitness for your association begin? With your budget, of course. And that makes preparing one among the most important tasks for board members. It also tends to be one of the more challenging tasks. But don’t look at this undertaking as a chore or a headache – instead, see it as an opportunity. A sound budget can make a real impact on your board and community, and it all begins with these seven steps.

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