No humidity and no personal income tax – just two of the many reasons people continue to flock to Nevada to raise families, retire or simply enjoy its unique blend of desert and metropolitan lifestyles.
But as many residents of Nevada’s HOA and condo communities have discovered, there is another important thing you won't find in the Silver State:  requirements for training or education for community board members, to ensure that they understand and can fulfill their association duties. In some cases, that can affect residents’ quality of life.
Although no state-mandated educational requirements exist for HOA board members, they are still legally bound to remain up-to-date with relevant Nevada statutes and provisions. According to NAC116.405, board members must “keep informed of laws, regulations and developments relating to associations.”
Additionally, board members owe a fiduciary duty to their HOAs, and must place the association’s interest above their own. But as unpaid volunteers who stand for election to serve their communities, board members may not have the management, legal or financial experience to effectively understand and fulfill their roles.
So if you’re an HOA board member, how can you get the training you need?  You can learn the ins and outs of association and board management from your community manager, as well as from other current and former board members. Online classes are also very helpful, especially those offered by professional management companies. For example BoardAdvantage, FirstService Residential’s comprehensive e-learning platform, includes “Board Member Basics,” which provides comprehensive information for both new and seasoned board officers. 
It is also worthwhile to attend in-person workshops, conferences and training classes offered by industry experts. Those provide information about HOA requirements, as well as the skills and knowledge you need to manage an association effectively. In-person events also provide opportunities to network with HOA board members from other communities. It is beneficial to share  concerns and solutions, as well as meet local vendors and professionals who can serve your community.
In addition to its e-learning platform, FirstService Residential Nevada is one of the few community management companies in the state to offer free in-person training to all board members, whether or not their communities are managed by the company. Held at offices in Southern and Northern Nevada, the live, multi-topic seminars are designed to educate board members about their roles and provide best practices for effective community management.  
"We continue to see how valuable specialized training is for community board members. By attending our seminars, board members gain the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate and fulfill their roles and responsibilities," says Kendall Abbott, Community & Lifestyle Development Manager, FirstService Residential Nevada. "In addition, the training helps board members become more confident in their ability to help lead their communities and ensure a desirable quality of life for residents." 

Training curriculum includes topics like transforming volunteerism into leadership, running effective meetings, board member boot camp, how to analyze association financial statements, human resources issues and engaging tenants in HOA communities.

For more details on FirstService Residential’s training program, including seminar details, dates, locations and registration information, visit FirstService Residential Nevada Events and Seminars. To learn more about how specialized board member training can benefit your community association, contact FirstService Residential, Nevada’s leading community association management partner.

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Wednesday February 08, 2017