Here are several examples of how FirstService Residential has been making news throughout our market.

Choosing the Right Community Management Company to Manage Community Amenities

Purchasing a home in a community that has family friendly amenities, such as pools, fitness areas, clubhouses and tennis courts, can be very convenient and cost-saving.  However, the upkeep and maintenance of these facilities is critical to their longevity.  A community management company can help.

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Four Ways to Increase Value by Decreasing Energy Use

We all dread the rise in our already steep power bills in the summer. However, getting through those summer months with no A/C in Nevada is not an option. Some purchase energy-efficient homes and/or add energy-efficient features to lessen the costs and save energy.

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Ten Quick Ways to Transform Difficult Board Members into Positive Forces

As volunteer homeowners, Board of Directors take on an important responsibility when they serve their communities. Depending on the association’s documents, the board may be comprised of three to five members/officers, and sometimes more. These members have a wide range of backgrounds, expectations and most of all, personalities -- even some who are difficult.  

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Five Ways to Prevent a Remodeling Nightmare

Remodels can be a dream or a nightmare. No matter the size of the remodel, it is important to seek help from the experts to ensure the right result.

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10 Things HOA Board Members Must Know to Manage a Community Pool

With the three-digit temperatures that we experience during summer in Nevada, water is an essential resource. With that said, one of the most desirable amenities in an association is a community pool. For homeowners who do not have or want the option to have a private pool in their yard, purchasing in an HOA with a community pool is an ideal alternative.

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11 Things About Community Management Every Board Member Should Know

Volunteering as a board member for your HOA is a big responsibility, and making important decisions involving your community's money and property is not always simple. As a volunteer, you shouldn't spend your time tackling the daunting administrative tasks and needs of your association. A professional community management company can be key to your success. 

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To Self-Manage or Not? How to Get the Best Out of Your Buck

How can I get the best service for my community without breaking the budget? Each year, homeowner association (HOA) board members and residents review their budget and question if they are getting the best bang for their buck from their vendors. Usually the answer is simple. Are you spending your money in the right places?

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Five Qualities To Consider When Hiring a Community Management Company

Your homeowner association (HOA) board has decided to hire a community management company. This is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.

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Is Your HOA Board As Effective And Healthy As It Can Be?

Is your HOA functioning properly? Is the Board active and accomplishing the needs of the community? Are the residents questioning the decisions and activity of the Board?

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Five Steps HOA Board Members Can Take to Identify and Resolve Conflict

Homeowner Association boards are comprised of volunteer homeowners that have an interest in their community. These individuals are tasked with the important responsibility to make decisions and take action on items that affect the community as a part and/or whole. Some of these decisions can be difficult, especially obtaining a majority agreement on the matter.

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HOA Management Tips 101: Top Tips for Board Members

Becoming a Board Member for your homeowners association (HOA) is not just a volunteer opportunity. There are a lot of responsibilities that are assumed when stepping into the position.  

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Exposing the 8 Biggest Myths About Partnering with a Community Management Company

While debating on whether your current management company is the best fit for you or if it’s time for a change, you find yourself influenced by other’s opinions, media, newspaper articles, costs, etc. Self-managed, unmanaged, professionally managed, over managed or undermanaged, it is easily assumable that you have believed at least one of the eight myths listed, at one-time or another.

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Simple Tips to Help Your Community Association Members Plan for Summer Vacation

Clearing the house and packing up the vehicle for your summer vacation? Have you checked-off your "to-do list" before exiting your community?

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Preventative Maintenance Tips for High-Rise Buildings

FirstService Residential offers tips on spring preventative maintenance for high-rise buildings.

Posted on Monday February 24, 2014 read more

Energy Saving Strategies for Multifamily Properties

In his guest blog for Multi-Housing News, Tal Eyal, president of FS Energy, discusses strategies boards and managers can implement to contain energy costs now and throughout the year.

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Knowing When to Call Your Manager

The FirstService Residential customer care center means residents don't have to wait for the right time to call their manager -- the care center provides 24/7 access to help to address their questions and concerns.

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Fallon Describes Emergency Storm Relief on Fox Business’ Cavuto

On October 28, the eve of Superstorm Sandy’s one-year anniversary, Fox Business News aired a powerful segment featuring Chuck Fallon, FirstService Residential CEO. 

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FirstService Residential Chairman Gene Gomberg Honored as Ultimate CEO/Chairman

Gene Gomberg, Chairman of FirstService Residential, was honored as an Ultimate CEO/Chairman by the South Florida Business Journal

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How We're Helping Board Members Succeed

Dan Wurtzel, president of property management at our New York office, was tapped as a thought leader in an article about seasoned board members in the Cooperator. Dan discusses how uncertainty about building knowledge and the position’s requirements can be detrimental to productivity, as well as some of the services the company provides to help both new and experienced board members become more effective in their roles.

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Co-Op Managed by Our New York Office Chosen for Mayor’s Recycling Pilot

NYC's Organic Food Waste Recycling Pilot Program includes Morningside Heights Housing Corp., a cooperative building managed by FirstService Residential’s New York office. This exciting program is designed to reduce the amount of post-consumer waste sent to landfills.

Posted on Monday August 12, 2013 read more
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