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Online Resources to Get to Know Your Community and Neighbors

Posted on Tuesday March 01, 2016

There are more and more social sites popping up each year - Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with even more on the way.  People use these sites mainly for expanding their social or business networking, but they also serve as a great tool for those who are brand new to a community or new board members of their HOA. Here’s an overview to get you started.

Part 2: Electric Cars and Installing Charging Stations in Your Community

Posted on Friday February 26, 2016

Is installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations the right decision for your community?  If your community association is considering it remember this – you’ll be fulfilling an increasing demand and contributing to your association’s eco-friendly image. This decision can also contribute to a rise in your property values and attract new homeowners. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, your community management company will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

What to Know in the Unlikely Event of a Mass Shooting in Your Building

Posted on Tuesday February 23, 2016

It seems like a daily occurrence that we hear of a shooting on the news. These shootings can happen anywhere and at any time. This is why it is important for you to have set rules and safety measures so that you are prepared – because being prepared can save lives. And although it may seem like common sense, do you know what to do if there is an active shooter in your residential community or building?

Part 1: Electric Cars and Charging Stations – Is Your HOA Ready?

Posted on Monday February 22, 2016

Nearly 500,000 vehicles in the U.S. are electric. That means a half-million drivers can by-pass gas stations and significantly cut down on their carbon footprint.  With a steady growth in electric vehicle purchases since their reveal in 2010, a demand for charging stations exists to keep their environmentally-friendly vehicles running. Is your HOA properly equipped?

Tips to Help Your Homeowners’ Association Organize a Community Recycling Program

Posted on Friday February 19, 2016

Saving the planet and saving money can go hand-in-hand. Not only does recycling cut down on air pollution and landfill space, but it can also help you conserve electricity and water– which means savings for your homeowners’ association. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Effective Tips to Enhance Your Building’s Lobby

Posted on Wednesday February 17, 2016

For many buildings- commercial and residential- the lobby sets the first impression. You want it to be safe and functional, but also stunning and inviting. This space sets the tone for your high-rise, condominium or multi-family building, and should be a reflection of the residents’ lifestyle and of what the building has to offer.

Five Tips to Choose the Right Lifestyle Community to Meet Your Needs

Posted on Friday February 05, 2016

Are you considering buying a home? You’ll soon discover that your options are much more ample than you may have expected, so you will need to narrow them down to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you’re after something in particular, be it the amenities or age demographic, a lifestyle-focused community may be the place for you.

Simple Energy Conservation Steps to Benefit Your Community This Winter

Posted on Wednesday February 03, 2016

Brrrr, it’s cold out there! Winter is definitely upon us, causing many of us to turn up the heat in our homes, community clubhouses, buildings and other amenities – but this increase in heat means an increase in utility bills. So how can you conserve energy while staying toasty this winter?

Radon 101: Helpful Tips to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

Posted on Tuesday January 26, 2016

Harmful chemicals exist in the air we breathe and in the items we consume- they are everywhere. From carbon monoxide to asbestos, these harmful chemicals can be found in almost all of our surroundings. You regularly hear commercials and warnings about the popular asbestos and carbon monoxide, but very rarely- unless you are a biologist or an environmentalist- do you hear about radon.

Why Master and Sub-Associations Should be Managed by the Same Community Management Company

Posted on Friday January 22, 2016

Some homeowners reside in a sub and master association and don’t even realize it. And when they do, they may find it difficult to keep things straight between what falls under the sub-association rather than the master. What is the amount of the assessments for each? When are they due? Who do I pay? Who is responsible for maintaining the community park? These are all questions that can become confusing when dealing with a sub and master association. To help relieve the confusion and provide a more harmonious operation of the HOA, it is beneficial to have one community management company serve the master and sub-associations.

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