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Eight Ways to Prevent Committee Chaos

With so many responsibilities that go into managing a community association, it can be beneficial to utilize the resources that you have. Forming committees to assist with basic functions and ancillary items of association matters can be key to operating smoothly and achieving your community’s vision. This is also a great way to encourage and gain involvement from non-board member homeowners. There are many advantages to having committees, but we all know that when you form groups of individuals with different personalities, there can be disagreements and chaos.

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Four Tips to Avoiding Common Board Member Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes that we wish we could have avoided had we been more proactive or received proper guidance. As you know, being a board member for your HOA is not just about volunteering your time. There are a lot of important decisions that you have to make on behalf of the entire community. Therefore, making mistakes while serving on the board of directors can impact all members of the association.

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Six Steps Toward Readying Condos for Electric Vehicles

An appealing and active lifestyle is becoming more and more of a priority for buyers looking to purchase a home in an HOA. What events do they have and what amenities do they offer? These are some items that buyers are considering aside from the purchase price, today. In order to keep the values of homes up and our communities’ desirable to live in, we need to make sure that we stay in tune with the latest and greatest of the world.

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Five Reasons to Use Quality Vendors

Every time you turn around it may seem that another project is necessary for your community, costing the association money. So you obtain bids from vendors in that field and the board of directors chooses who will complete the project. Quite often vendors are selected based on price or just preference. However, there is much more that should be considered.

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Six Things to Know About Fire Hydrants

What color are your fire hydrants painted? How many do you have and where are they located in your community? These are all questions that you should know the answers to when serving on the board of directors for your association.

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Six Ways to Love Thy Neighbor

Having a neighbor that makes it difficult to live harmoniously in your community association can turn into your worst nightmare.  Loud noises during all hours of the night and early morning, unkempt yard and debris spilling into yours, and potential harassment can make you want to move out into the middle of nowhere, at least ten miles away from all humanity. We all fear moving into a community with not-so-friendly neighbors.

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Seven Tips to Finding a Reserve Study Firm

In Nevada, community associations are required to have a reserve study completed on their community every five years, or sooner depending on projects completed. This reserve study serves as a vital guide to the proper budgeting and financial stability of a community association. Therefore, it’s important to select a suitable firm to complete the “guide”.

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Seven Ways to Fight Mold - And Win

Mold is a homeowner’s worst nightmare! Once it forms, mold can spread for miles. Mold is part of the natural environment outdoors, but should be avoided at all costs indoors as it can cause serious damage and health risks.

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12 Things You Should Know About Your Insurance

When it comes to insurance; unless you are an agent, most people cannot explain their policy(ies) or even give a confident answer that they have the proper coverage. Yet we depend on and expect this coverage to assist us when things happen. Therefore, as a board member of your HOA, it is wise to have a basic understanding of the coverage(s) that protects your association.

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10 Ways Toward Greater Financial Strength

When it comes to an HOA, there are many elements that are important to its residents. Most people want the landscaping to be luscious and trimmed nicely, some want desirable amenities, some want security and some just want a friendly neighbor. But what’s more important than those?

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The Four Myths of Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification

As a member of your association’s board of directors, you work your hardest to ensure that you are acting at the best interest of the residents of the community. However, when it comes to certain elements of running an association, it may seem close to impossible to please everyone.

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Ten Useful Tips to Safeguard Your Home

More and more frequently, the news is crowded with stories of home invasions and burglaries. Community associations across the valley are stepping up and installing more stringent security elements and increasing the hours of their roving patrol and guard, but what can you do as a homeowner to avoid falling victim to these alarming experiences?

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Maintenance vs. Capital Improvements – What’s the Difference?

In the financial operation of community associations, we generally have two main types of expenses - operational and reserve. Now when you review these expenses, it’s important to determine which is a maintenance cost and which is a capital improvement. When it comes to maintenance, you think of maintaining or fixing something. So what about a capital improvement?

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Seven Tips to Avoid Contract Issues

Community associations rely heavily on multiple vendors to keep their community looking good and up to par. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are selecting the proper vendor for the job and that you are all on the same page. That is usually where the contract comes in.  Do you know some of the best ways to make sure issues don't arise?

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Seven Trends for Amenities in 2015

What makes your community stand out from the rest?  For many communities, their best features include lush landscaping or desirable amenities. Most developers base their choice of included amenities on the area and the expected interests of the buyers for the community. So what happens once the developer has finished building?

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Eight Essential Parts of Community Association Elections

Each year HOA’s have elections to select volunteer homeowners to fill open positions on the board of directors. These elections are critical as the homeowners are choosing whom they want to be in charge of their community, associations funds, and place they call home.  

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Five Roles of the Board Secretary

Community associations can be compared to small (or sometimes large) businesses. The structural and operational makeups are quite similar, and one of the most important functions, as in any business, is record keeping, which can make or break an association's operations.  That is one of the roles of the Board Secretary, but there are others you may not be aware of.

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Six Stats That Should Make Homeowner Association Board Members Proud

Volunteering on your association’s board of directors can feel like a thankless job. The countless hours that you spend ensuring that the community’s funds are spent wisely, residents are happy, common area is looking nice, amenities are functioning properly; frequently feel like they go unnoticed.

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Five Qualities of a Board Treasurer

Making sure that your HOA is financially sound and your board is making decisions within your adopted budget is key for the proper functioning of community associations. The board treasurer plays a critical role in these responsibilities.

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Six Steps to Putting More Play in Your Neighborhood

Some of our communities are more heavily populated with youth than adults, and in those cases, most decisions that are made by the association are more geared to the adults of the community. So how do we keep young people active and happy while making necessary improvements to keep the value of the community high at the same time?

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