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Four Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Community Banking and Insurance Programs

Posted on Tuesday July 26, 2016

As a board member for an HOA in Nevada, you know that financial stewardship is the foundation of good community management. You might think that revolves around smart budgeting and planning, and you’d be partially right. But strong finances are also the result of implementing smart banking programs and purchasing the right insurance coverage.

Tips for Hiring the Best Community Management Company

Posted on Friday July 22, 2016

The help of a good community management company can make a world of difference for you and your fellow board members. But finding the company that best fits your association’s needs can sometimes present a challenge.

Drones and Your Association

Posted on Friday July 15, 2016

You’ve probably seen stories about drones in the news. Or, you might be the owner of a drone yourself. Either way, you know that these unmanned, remote-piloted flight vehicles have come under scrutiny because of safety and privacy concerns. Is there a way your HOA can manage the use of drones in your community?

Ways to Save on Your Community Insurance

Posted on Friday July 08, 2016

As a board member for a Nevada HOA, fiscal stewardship is one of your primary concerns. That means looking for more ways to help your community save money—and that includes saving on insurance. Whether your HOA manages a high-rise, a condo, or a master-planned community, this is a great place to seek savings.

Five Ways to Impact Public Policy Affecting HOAs

Posted on Tuesday July 05, 2016

As a board member, you know that Nevada HOAs do great things for their residents. Creating an enjoyable lifestyle and protecting property values are just part of what your association does.
But for some people, the benefits aren’t so obvious. Unfortunately, this is sometimes true for legislators who are tasked with creating laws that affect HOAs.

The Changing Face of Community Management

Posted on Friday July 01, 2016

About 50 years ago, community management began to gain prominence as a profession. Compared to other vocations, that’s a relatively short time. But in this brief timespan, the industry has changed and adapted in keeping with the communities that professional managers serve.

Five Financial Health Tips for HOAs

Posted on Tuesday June 28, 2016

Nevada HOAs take note: The health of your finances dictates the health of your community. Just like with your physical health, your financial health requires a regular check-up, too. Consider this to be one of those check-ups, and take stock of your financial habits to make sure they match up with these healthy activities.

Five Things You Should Know About Community Management Certifications

Posted on Tuesday June 28, 2016

When it comes to community managers, there’s a whole world of professional acronyms that can have a big impact on the quality of service Nevada HOAs receive. A small group of letters—like CMCA, AMS, or PCAM—can mean big things when it comes to a professional’s area of expertise. Five Things You Should Know About Community Management Certifications.

What You May Not Know About Living in a Master-Planned Community

Posted on Wednesday June 22, 2016

Here in Nevada, there are many master-planned communities offering residents a range of neighborhoods, housing and lifestyle options, and amenities. As in any managed community, the set of rules governing a master-planned community often serves to keep the neighborhood appealing.

Six Prospective Changes Affecting Nevada HOAs

Posted on Tuesday June 21, 2016

HOAs in Nevada are evolving every day. While focusing on current or short-term needs might be practical, it’s important to plan for the future management of your homeowners’ association, too. In order to account for these changes, you must look at trends and data surrounding key topics and analyze how this may affect the operation of your HOA in the future.

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