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From Property Developer to HOA Leadership: The Importance of a Great Transition Team

During the development period of a new community, there comes a time where the developer hands over the responsibilities of the HOA to the homeowners. We refer to this phase as the developer transition period. Depending on the association’s governing documents and Nevada law, the transition period generally happens once a certain percentage of homes have been conveyed to a buyer. This phase should be handled with care as it can have a big impact on the community and owners.

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Board Meeting Basics for HOA Board Members

Meetings involving people can get out-of-hand in a matter of minutes if there is no set agenda and/or guidance. In an HOA, board meetings are held frequently to discuss association matters and keep the membership in tune with the community. When you start to involve people of different personalities and backgrounds giving their two-cents on everything, meetings tend to get off topic and become unproductive. There are simple ways to avoid this.

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Tips to Help Make Getting a Mortgage Easier

Finding the home of your dreams can be very fulfilling. Being able to make the dream home become a reality can be challenging. First there is the hunt for the home, and then comes the financing. For those unable to front thousands of dollars to purchase a home in cash, obtaining financial support can be anything but easy.

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How to Protect Your Home from a Wildfire - Landscaping and Prevention Tips

We see it on the news quite often, homes being destroyed by wildfires and families being displaced. Nevada is covered with wildfire risk zones, many of which have experienced a deadly fire at one time or another. The Nevada desert brings high temperatures and drought conditions that welcome these natural disasters with open arms. So how do you prepare?

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Tips for Creating a Timely and Informative Community Newsletter

Effective communication is highly demanded when it comes to homeowners associations. Whether you are a board member or resident of your community, communication is necessary to keep everyone aware of the happenings of the HOA. There are various means of communication that associations use, including newsletters, eblasts, phone and text messages, websites, blogs, social media, and other mass-communication tools.

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Is High-Rise Condominium Living the Right Choice for You?

We see them rising from the ground up in the downtown Las Vegas and Reno areas more and more frequently now. With the limits on land release, some developers are building up instead of out. These high-rise buildings are creating a metropolis type of feel for our valleys and offering luxurious amenities. But do these amenities speak louder to you than a private yard, air space and garage?

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What are HOA Fees? And What Does Your HOA Fee Cover?

You receive a statement and you pay it, sometimes without evening knowing what you are paying for. When it comes to HOA assessments, there are a lot of actual and anticipated costs that make up the amount set by the board and the association’s budget. So what are these costs?

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How to Save on Summer Energy Costs

When most people think about summer in Nevada, they automatically associate it with high energy bills. Well summer is upon us and the realities of receiving those high energy bills are inevitable but what can you do differently to cut those costs?

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How to Use Feng Shui in Your Bedroom to Boost Relaxation and Wellbeing

Our bedrooms should be a place of relaxation, where we go to escape the stresses of our days and unwind. After a long day of work in a cramped workspace, the last thing we want when we get home is to feel the same. This is where we want to kick-off our shoes and have the weight lifted off of our shoulders.

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How Multigenerational Communities Can Please All Ages and Stages

Nowadays we are seeing quite the mixture of ages residing within our communities. Millennials are moving in and some are even taking seats on our association boards. So how do we ensure that our community appeals to all ages? How do we ensure our board members are seeing eye-to-eye and functioning properly?

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Eight Tips for Helping Your Home Pass Inspection

There are numerous items to take care of when listing and selling your home, and finding a buyer is just the start of it. Selling your home can be a stressful process even with the help of a strong realtor.

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One Way to Get More Out of Home Life

With websites and applications such as Pinterest, we find ourselves being more resourceful with what we have. Sharing ideas, recipes and tips has created a whirlwind of positivity in our homes and our lives.

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Five Reasons Board Members Go Back to School

Serving on the board of directors for your association is not an easy task. There are many challenging situations that may arise where you are responsible for making a decision on the matter. Since you are making decisions that could affect all residents of your community, you probably want to make sure that you are making the most educated effort. That’s where some time back in the classroom comes in handy.

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25 Ways to Prevent Household Poisonings

There are poisonous chemicals around every corner in your home. From the fluids under your kitchen counter to the medications in your cabinets, they are within arm’s reach.

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Seven Move-In Tasks to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Packing and moving doesn’t sound as thrilling as it should be. As excited as you may be for the new home or location you are moving to, you still dread having to pack and then unpack your belongings. You wish you could just fast-forward time to be settled in your new home but it just does not work that way.

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Should You Buy a Vacation Home?

What sounds better than owning a vacation home to give you the ability to escape the reality of everyday life? The ability to get away for a few days or months, and not have to worry about work or the constant hassle sure sounds great.

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Five Reasons to Stop Renting and Start Buying

Back during the housing boom it was difficult to afford a decent house without dumping all of your hard-earned money into it each month. Then with the mortgage crisis that resulted in an abundance of foreclosures, the price of rentals soared due to the overwhelming demand and delinquent credit risks.

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Removing Squatters: What Landlords Need to Know

In the fairytale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," the bear family comes home to find someone sitting in their chairs, eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds. Lately, fairy tales have become reality for many property owners when they find a real-life "Goldilocks" (aka, a "squatter") has taken up residence in their empty real estate.

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Why Use a Licensed General Building Contractor?

Why use a licensed general building contractor on your next multiple trade project?  Well, for the first and foremost reason, it’s the law.

Posted on Thursday April 02, 2015 read more

Nine Guidelines for a Successful HOA

We’ve all heard people joke that HOA board members are severely underpaid. As volunteers for your community, you play critical roles in the success of your HOA. But what does success mean?

Posted on Thursday March 19, 2015 read more
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