Four Ways Your HOA Can Prepare for the Colder Season

As fall sets in, your homeowners association needs to begin changing its maintenance activities. Preparing for colder weather can help ensure that your operations continue to run well and that residents stay safe and happy when temperatures plummet.
To help get your HOA ready for winter, follow these four maintenance tips.

1. Attend to your fall landscaping.
Your landscaping requires special attention in the fall. In addition, certain landscaping equipment needs to be winterized. Among the tasks you should do in the fall are:
  • Spraying for weeds and insects
  • Planting annuals in your garden beds
  • Aerating turf
  • Seeding patchy areas
  • Performing deep-root fertilization
  • Checking equipment, such as watering clocks and irrigation systems
  • Disconnecting hoses from hose bibs to prevent freezing
  • Removing fallen leaves that have collected around drainage areas and bushes
If you don’t already have a professional landscaper, an experienced property management company will be able to provide referrals to qualified, reliable firms. 
2. Winterize your pool and spa.
Before you shut down your pool and spa for the winter season, be sure that you take care of some basic pool maintenance, such as:
  • Checking the pumps and motors, and greasing the pump motor and bearings
  • Inspecting pipes for any corrosion or leaks
  • Cleaning, replacing and backwashing your pool filters
  • Cleaning filter baskets
  • Draining your pool’s filter tank
  • Draining water from your pool to the level that is recommended by the manufacturer
  • Storing pool equipment
You can get recommendations for quality pool maintenance vendors from a good community management company.
3. Check your lighting.
With shorter days, the lighting around your property becomes more important than ever. Make sure that light fixtures are intact and that all your bulbs are working. Additionally, check that your emergency lighting is functioning properly.
You also may want to consider the advantages of converting to LED lighting. Despite higher up-front costs, LED lights will save you money in the long run through reduced energy costs. At the same time, they are better for the environment than other types of lighting. Ask your utility company about possible rebates and other cost-saving options. An experienced community management company can also provide you with information about savings programs.
4. Start planning your seasonal displays.
Many HOA communities put up decorations for the fall and winter holidays. If yours is among them, review your plans with internal staff and management. Forming a committee can help to get your decorating ideas off the ground and ensure that everything is up on time.
Be safety conscious by relying on experts to handle jobs that are beyond your capabilities (for example, climbing on a roof to put up lights). If you do need outside help, start requesting vendor bids now. Also, be sure to trim any deciduous trees before stringing them with lights to reduce the risk of fire.
Many people love this time of year. When you know that you have done everything you can to prepare your property for the coming weather, you can relax and enjoy the season, too.
If you want to learn more about how to prepare for the colder weather, contact FirstService Residential, the leading community management company in greater Kansas City.