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How to Communicate so HOA and Condo Residents Listen

Posted on Tuesday October 09, 2018

Are residents in your community always aware of upcoming events, construction projects and board meetings? Do they understand their responsibilities and the policies they need to comply with?
When your board clearly and effectively communicates with residents, it has a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of your condo or homeowners association (HOA). Open and honest communication creates the perception of transparency and facilitates a feeling of community.

Customer Care: 7 Ways Your Management Company Should “Answer the Call”

Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

If your community is managed by a property management company, you probably have an after-hours number you can call for urgent issues. But what if you simply want to take care of day-to-day association business? “People don’t operate in normal business hours anymore,” says Rolando Hernandez, national customer care director at FirstService Residential. “Residents and board members need to be able to take care of community business how and when it’s convenient for them.”

How to Avoid a Cyberattack at Your HOA

Posted on Tuesday August 21, 2018

When you think of the kinds of organizations being the target of a cyberattack, you probably don’t think of your homeowners association (HOA). But as a small businesses, your HOA faces a growing risk. In its annual study, the Ponemon institute reported that more small and medium-sized businesses had been the victim of a data breach in 2017: 61% of respondents as compared to 55% in 2016.  


How to Establish Sensible HOA Policies

Posted on Friday July 27, 2018

Rules and regulations are important in any homeowners association (HOA). But when they aren’t enforced, are enforced inconsistently, or go a bit too far, they can create resentment and put your HOA at risk.

3 Facts About Insurance Most Minnesota HOA Boards Misunderstand

Posted on Tuesday July 17, 2018

Being a board member means you have a fiduciary responsibility to your homeowners association (HOA). In part, protecting the association’s interests means ensuring that you find insurance that provides the most coverage at the lowest price. However, understanding the complexities of HOA insurance isn’t easy. Chances are that your board finds it downright confusing to know what kind of coverage your HOA needs and how each type of policy works.

Reserves: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

Reserve components are association maintained major property components with a determinate useful life.  The analysis of the reserve components results in accurate and supportable annual reserve fund contributions.

3 Ways Your HOA or Condo Association Can Fund Capital Improvements

Posted on Tuesday May 15, 2018

Sooner or later, every homeowners association (HOA) or condominium association has to invest in capital improvements. Whether that means installing a new heating and cooling system in your high-rise building, replacing the roof on your clubhouse or upgrading the equipment in your fitness center, you can’t overlook these long-term, big-ticket items. But what’s the best way for your association to pay for them?

Managing Your HOA’s Maintenance and Improvement Projects

Posted on Friday April 27, 2018

Keeping your property maintained and making needed improvements are important aspects of your homeowners association’s financial health. To manage these crucial responsibilities effectively, you need to stay on top of day-to-day projects, as well as create and adhere to a long-range plan. What does it take to make those goals a reality?

Five Steps to Running More Effective HOA Board Meetings

Posted on Wednesday April 11, 2018

One of the most challenging aspects of being on the board of your homeowners association (HOA) can be running board meetings. It’s not always easy to keep everyone tuned into the business at hand. In addition, you have to manage the inevitable disagreements among board members. How do you keep these meetings running smoothly?


Tips For Generating Community Engagement In Your HOA

Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

What makes a community a great place to live? A lot goes into it, but it’s no secret that often depends on community engagement.

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