Market Trends, Risk Mitigation and Homeowner’s Insurance

Is your condo, townhome or community association up to speed on insurance trends? Are you aware of the risks you face as a board member and a homeowner? 

Check out our recent board training session: Market Trends, Risk Mitigation and Homeowner’s Insurance.  

This discussion will be moderated by Associate Vice President, Greg Nelson and Regional Director, Chris Campbell with FirstService Residential Minnesota, featuring industry experts Sean Kent, senior vice president at FirstService Financial, Eric Skarnes, president, Insurance Warehouse Inc., and Alicia Smith, insurance manager at FirstService Residential.  

Watch now to learn about: 

  • Required Coverages for HOA's 

  • Insurance Deductibles,  

  • Market Conditions: Property Insurance Update, 

  • Impact on HO6/ Homeowner Policies   

  • Managing Risk