Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Minnesota association management and about our company, including the benefits of our transition from Gittleman Community Association Management to FirstService Residential Minnesota. 

  • Can I make my assessment/associate payment on line?
    Online payments are available! Click the “Pay Associate Fees” button in the top corner of this website and it will take you to the appropriate area of this website where you may pay online.
  • To whom do I make my check payable?
    Your check should be made payable to your Association (e.g.; "ABC Homeowners Association" or "XYZ Condominium Association")
  • What does the Association do?
    The Association is a non-profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors elected by the owners. The Board is responsible for the management of the Association's funds, the enforcement of the deed restrictions, and the maintenance of common area property.
  • Why did Gittleman Management rebrand to FirstService Residential and what changes can I expect?
    Prior to the launch in June 2013, Gittleman had been in discussion with other FirstService Residential companies around the country about the long-term advantages of uniting as a national brand while retaining the distinctive operations of our respective businesses. After thoughtful consideration, all 19 association management companies affiliated with FirstService Residential, many of which have long, established businesses in their communities like Gittleman, decided to unite under a common brand. All clients will see no change other than we are operating under a new company name.