Michael A. Mendillo
President, East
Trent Harrison, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
President, MidAtlantic
Arthur Dubin
President, Silver Spring, Maryland
Jesse DiGiovanni
Vice President, Human Resources
Jake Gusiew, CMCA®, AMS®
Regional Director
Airielle Hansford, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
Vice President, DC Metro
Scott Lang
Senior Vice President Of Finance
Scott Bresnick
Vice-President, Strategy & Operations MidAtlantic
Ilene Jablonski
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Colette Montanaro
Vice President of Talent and Relationship Management
Alan R. Trachtenberg, Esq.
In-House Counsel and Regional Director of Risk Management
Raymond Weber
Executive Director of Client Accounting
Judy Julison
Senior Vice President, Lifestyle Programming
Raymond Tate
Vice President, Business Development
Robert Kirby
Regional Building Engineer, MidAtlantic
Stephan Kaganzev
Regional Director