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How to Reduce Residential Development Costs with Professional Property Management

Posted on Thursday November 17, 2016

As the luxury residential market in Chicago grows ever more competitive, developers must take advantage of the wealth of knowledge professional property management teams can lend to their projects.

Vacation Rentals Part 1: The Sharing Economy’s Impact on Your Association

Posted on Thursday November 10, 2016

While traveling, the idea of staying where the locals live and experiencing the city from a new perspective is appealing to many. Vacationers have the chance to blend in and enjoy the comforts of home, away from home—that’s the luxury of the sharing economy. However, for condominium and homeowners associations, there are numerous issues to consider, including legal regulations. Read more about how the sharing economy may impact your building.

Three Keys to Adopting Rental Restrictions in Your Homeowners Associations

Posted on Friday November 04, 2016

Rentals can be a contentious topic when you live in a homeowners association. And as with most things, there are plusses and minuses when it comes to restricting rentals in your building or community. If your association is considering adopting rental restrictions, here are three things you need to do.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Association’s Buck

Posted on Wednesday October 19, 2016

When your association's budget is tight, saving even a few hundred dollars is welcome. But what if you could save thousands? Read these tips to improve your association's financial fitness and help you get the most bang for your buck.

Five Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Budget

Posted on Friday October 07, 2016

One of your most important duties as a board member is fiscal stewardship. And at the core of that duty is your annual budget. One thing you can do relatively easily is to make sure you avoid some common budget pitfalls. To help you recognize—and dodge—typical budget blunders, we’ve created a list of the five most common mistakes we have seen HOA boards make.

How to Create a Great Budget

Posted on Wednesday September 28, 2016

As any board member knows, it can be stressful to work on your annual budget. However, it also provides the opportunity to ensure your community’s financial health. Follow these seven tips to create a budget that keeps your community on track.

Crisis Management: Handling Disruptive or Violent Incidents

Posted on Thursday June 16, 2016

As a board member or resident it may not be top of mind to think of what to do in case of a shooting in your community. Take a minute to read this article on crisis management to better prepare yourself and your community.

What to Know in the Unlikely Event of a Mass Shooting in Your Building

Posted on Thursday February 18, 2016

Recently there have been many shooting incidents around the world. To address this global issue FirstService Residential Illinois hosted an “Active Shooter Response” seminar led by Titan Security. In addition to this seminar FirstService Residential and Titan Security shared some knowledge with the Chicago Tribune for an article to help prepare people in case of a shooting in their building. Take a minute to read this impactful article from the Chicago Tribune.

Simple Energy Conservation Steps to Benefit Your Community This Winter

Posted on Thursday January 28, 2016

Saving money during the winter months can sometimes be hard for homeowners. As the Illinois weather turns colder and colder it is always nice to find ways to remain warm and keep you house safe without breaking the bank.

Go Local or Mega for Condo Management Services?

Posted on Wednesday January 20, 2016

When looking for management services, there is often times the debate whether to go with a local company or a national management company. Read the Chicago Tribune’s article comparing hometown professional management companies to a mega-manager. Our very own CEO, Chuck Fallon, even weighs in on the subject.

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